Cold dew health care to keep warm diet moisturizing more sweet and less spicy


Cold dew health care to keep warm diet moisturizing more sweet and less spicy

After the 11th holiday, we greeted the “cold dew” in the 24 solar terms.

The proverbial cloud “white body is not exposed, cold and bare feet are not exposed”, meaning to remind everyone not to continue to wear sandals, so you can wash the sandals, single clothes, etc. and clean up.

Old Nanjing has a lot of customs about cold dew. Some drink cold dew tea, eat crabs, climb up, and pack summer clothes.

銆€銆€The wild goose flies south, and the chrysanthemum gradually yellows every year from October 8th to 9th. When the sun reaches 195 degrees of the yellow radiance, it is cold dew.

The cold dew is the season of the late autumn, and the word “cold” first appeared in the twenty-four solar terms.

At this time, the wild goose flies south, the chrysanthemum gradually turns yellow, and in the previous “white dew” solar terms, at this time a little tilt, more dew, and with chill.

銆€銆€From ancient times to today, the cold dew is a joy for the farmers who have worked hard for a year, and the harvest is healthy.

“Cold dew” solar terms, warm and cool night, clear skies, is very beneficial to the autumn harvest.

The ancients referred to the “cold dew” as the “autumn harvest festival”, and there was a proverb as evidence – “the cold dew season, everyone’s storage, planting wheat picking flowers and beans.”

“The cold season is getting cold, and the farmer is not busy every day.

“The wheat planting is still booming, and the late rice harvest is time-consuming.”

“The best season to eat mother crabs every time the cold dew, old Nanjing will buy crabs to steam and eat.

As the saying goes, “Westerly winds, crab feet are itchy”, the taste of Tianyi cold crabs will be “positive”.

“September umbilical cord, October tip”, the female crab eggs are full, the yellow cream is plump, it is the best season to eat the female crab, after the lunar calendar October, the best to eat is the turn of the male crab.

However, allergies, stomach cold and pregnant women, high blood lipids should not eat crab yellow, in addition, now the season of ripe persimmon, you should pay attention to crabs and persimmons to eat, so as not to generate stomach stones.

銆€銆€Old Nanjing has the habit of drinking “cold tea”.

Before and after the cold dew is a very good time for the growth of tea trees.

The tea collected in the first three days and the last four days of the cold dew is called 鈥減ositive autumn tea鈥? and the autumn tea is the best in autumn tea.

Cold tea is neither as tender and tender as spring tea, nor is it so dry and bitter as summer tea, but has a unique sweet and fragrant aroma that is especially popular among old tea drinkers.

銆€銆€If last month’s “white dew” is a hot and cool transition, “cold dew” is a cool turn to cold.

After the “cold dew”, the weather gradually became cool, and there was a proverb that “the white body is not exposed, and the cold is not exposed.”

After the white dew, don’t be destitute, after the cold dew, sandals, fish mouth shoes should not be worn any more, the so-called “eat cold rice, single clothes are rare.”

“Appropriate and more sweet, light and moist food cold dew is the penultimate solar term in the fall, this season, Nanjing autumn is getting thicker, Dangui fragrance, chrysanthemum crab fat.

Since ancient times, many places across the country have invited friends and relatives to go out to play the custom of climbing.

銆€銆€In terms of diet and health, it should be based on the balance of five flavors, according to the specific circumstances of the individual, appropriate food, sweet and moist food, can not only benefit the spleen and stomach, but also raise the lungs and intestines, can cough dry mouth and other symptoms.

Fruits include pears, persimmons, bananas, etc.; vegetables include carrots, melon, alfalfa, white fungus, etc. and beans, fungi, kelp, seaweed, etc.

Middle-aged and chronically ill patients should eat more red dates, lotus seeds, yam, duck, fish, meat and other foods.

Health Tips: Ten Health, I am a German


Health Tips: Ten Health, I am a German

First, eat, drink and drink are healthy.

Eat less: “The diet is self-doubling, and the stomach is hurt.”

The diet is less good.

The recipe for Lu Lao three meals is as follows: Breakfast: Drink a large bowl of dense porridge, which contains whole grains and walnuts, peanuts and other dried fruits, and then eat two tea eggs.

Lunch: A small bowl of rice or a steamed bun with a pair of raisins.

Dinner: Never eat staple food.


Slow to eat: three meals should be eaten as soon as possible, how slow can be slow, eat calmly, a can of wine for an hour to know the wine, a taro chewing the wheat, do not eat, do not eat,Not angry at dinner.


More Tsui: The meal is not expensive, rich, expensive in the meal, you must learn to chew and chew slowly.

Lu Lao believes that eating is a kind of enjoyment. Only slowly can taste the taste, otherwise the food will lose its meaning.

Lu Lao’s breakfast is porridge every day, but the porridge he drinks is not the same as the porridge that the elderly love to drink: the whole grain is full of 鈥渃hews鈥?

Old people can not drink too thin porridge, even if the teeth are not very good, you should eat more rice, steamed bread and other “dry goods”, chew more.

When people are old, their ability to secrete stomach acid and mucin is reduced. By chewing, the burden on the stomach can be greatly reduced.

It can also prevent high blood pressure, high blood sugar, but also beauty, delay facial aging, and promote blood circulation in the brain.


Eat eggs: Lu Lao believes that eggs are good food and will eat four every day.

Eggs are new life, so the nutrition is very rich, especially the egg yolk is rich in lecithin, which has a good brain-enhancing effect.


Smoking and drinking are not health taboos: Lu Lao often drinks a can of beer.

When the weather turns cold, you will drink a bowl of rice wine or drink some wine.

However, smoking and drinking are absolutely not recommended. If you want to smoke, you will drink.

Pumping a good cigarette.

Smoking, one person pumping, others will give you a pumping.

Drinking is also a person to drink, not to compare with others.

Like the hospitable way of the Northeast, not to drink the guests is not to drink a good idea, it is necessary to change.


Sour food can be used as a snack: sour plum is good for adult liver. Lu has a history of cirrhosis for 26 years. Through normal life, starting from reducing liver load, taking less medicine, rejecting excessive nutrition, because these willIncrease the burden on the liver.

Combined with other health regimens, liver disease heals itself.

Liver disease friends can learn from Lu Laosheng’s disease resistance experience.

Second, the caries and swallows the law, the kidneys of the law round often some old ladies said to the children: “Do not spit, saliva is a good thing.

“This makes sense.
Saliva is especially important for the human body and is anti-aging. Traditional Chinese medicine gold and jade describe it and call it Jinjin Yuye.

Third, the joint activity “people are old and old”, so the movement of the legs and feet is very important.

Lu Lao himself has a simple “joint activity”: first, hold the table with both hands, lean forward, pick up the heel, and then return to the ground, so that repeatedly rubbing your feet and letting the body move up and down is easy to do.

The foot is the farthest from our brain. The elderly, especially women, have poor blood circulation in the lower limbs. The lame can make the blood flow in the legs more smooth.

So this exercise is especially suitable for the elderly.

Fourth, pepper blisters feet usually wash your feet when you soak your feet, take 50 grams of pepper in the cloth bag to boil, use this water to soak your feet, the next day this pepper bag can still be used, no problem for the last week.
The pepper can be used for a certain effect on the old cold legs, joint pain caused by rheumatism, and stomach pain.Under normal circumstances, the pepper blister feet are suitable for winter, in a cool environment, generally suitable for people who are not very fat, grow thinner, and have a cold body.

The foot is called the second heart by modern medicine, and there is a reflection zone corresponding to the organs of the human body in the human foot. The hand and the foot are three yin, and the Sanyang meridians are handed over to the toes. The pedicure has always been accepted by people.Favorite health treatment methods.

Therefore, usually pay more attention to the warmth of the foot, in addition to wearing warm shoes and socks, the pepper blister is a simple and easy way to maintain health.

Fifth, the finger abdomen knocking head health to hit the entire head with 10 fingers abdomen, from the hairline to the posterior hairline.

Repeatedly tapping for two minutes, then combing the head with 10 fingers for two minutes, also from the hairline to the hairline (must not use nails).

There are many meridian points on the head, and often massage with the fingers and abdomen, you can use the effect of health care.

In addition, the common finger belly massage head, but also can be aimed at refreshing, refreshing puzzles, black hair and other effects.

Lu Lao’s claim that 鈥減rocessing鈥? the real 鈥渂lack hair, Chinese goods鈥?is a powerful illustration of this.

Six, more activities, more brains, activities every day limbs, wake up in the morning, hands hot, wipe behind the face, 10 minutes of activity at night, wait until the body is slightly sweaty, I feel particularly comfortable.

“Appropriate amount of exercise, perseverance”, exercise must be appropriate, according to age, physical strength to adjust, young people can move a little more, middle-aged and older people are suitable for mild slow exercise, walking, tai chi and so on.

“Move it to live”, exercise, the meridian is passed, the blood is increased, the blood flow, heartbeat, breathing faster, the metabolism is accelerated, and the immune function will also increase.

Many of our culturally old people in China are basically around 90 years old.

Ji Yulin, Rao Zongyi, Hou Renzhi, Yang Lan, Wen Huaisha, Ren Jiyu, Wang Yuanhua, etc. Why do people with knowledge live longer, because they love their brains and those who love labor also live longer.

Everything has a clear idea and a lot of thinking is indispensable for health.

Seven, health care to adapt to natural health is the greatest wealth in a person’s life.

Modern people live fast, stress, often stay up late, sleep after l2 o’clock in the evening, so it is easy to absorb health.

The ancients “made at sunrise and sunset.”

Chinese medicine pays attention to yin and yang, daytime is yang, night is yin, more activities during the day, rest at night, rest at rest, violates the laws of nature and physiology, leading to imbalance of function of the internal organs, qi and blood, destroying autoimmune functionLong-term will definitely affect health.

Eight, normal heart, everything happens when someone is facing a bumpy, stress, will produce some emotions such as worry, worry, panic, etc., affecting work and life.

So how do you complete the mental and emotional adjustment and balance?

“Things are artificial, and Mo Daowan is a life. The environment is made by the heart, and the step back is naturally wide.”

Chinese medicine speaks “seven emotions”, that is, hi, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, and shock.

“Seven emotions hurt”, “sickness from the heart”, “big sad, big sad lungs, big anger hurt the liver, big fear of hurting the kidney, thinking sad.”

It is necessary to maintain a balanced state of mind, to enjoy themselves, to help others, to be content with long music, to be happy and to forget what to do, not to be forced, to ask for trouble.

Nine, long-lived people with morality must have a noble morality.

First, when he cares about others and helps others, he is full.

Second, we are now rich and not completely material rich. In the information society, information is rich, and the elderly must continue to be interested in new things.

Third, the mind is small, old and care, that can’t be done.

Many long-lived old people have experienced ups and downs and exercised their minds.

Ten, I do my best, and the middle-aged people are the most vulnerable to emotional vulnerability, and the most easily felt grievances.

The so-called fifty knows the destiny, this fate is the objective law.

At this time, go back a little.

Lenin has a famous saying: to retreat in order to better pass.

This age is sick from use, so decompression and diversion.

There is a saying that “the survival of the fittest” is wrong.

It should be “successful survival”, the key is to do what you can, and the corrective action is self-knowledge. It is impossible to cover the world. You must know what you can do, what it is suitable for, and whether you have to retreat.

What factors have the greatest impact on happiness?


It accounts for more than 50% of all factors, so it is most important for middle-aged people to maintain their physical health.

In this sentence, people of all ages should think about it.Professor Lu Guangwei’s “other set” of successful health experience is rooted in his conviction and persistence and full of love for Chinese medicine.

The accumulation of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years of health practice combined with his personal practice has further enriched the knowledge and connotation of TCM health care, which deserves to be followed by each of our descendants.

Four healthy tea drinks that effectively lower blood fat


Four healthy tea drinks that effectively lower blood fat

Hyperlipidemia is called the 鈥渋nvisible killer鈥?of modern society, and hyperlipidemia is a kind of blood lipid concentration caused by excessive absorption or excessive excretion of plasma substances in food.resulting in.

In addition to drug treatment, diet and lifestyle may also affect the condition of patients with hyperlipidemia. Lowering blood lipids can effectively prevent the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and hypertension.

銆€銆€Some teas have the effect of lowering fat, but some lipid-lowering teas can be homemade, and the lipid-lowering effect is better.

Below, I will teach you to make your own health-reducing blood fat tea.

銆€銆€Orange peel tea: Chinese medicine believes that orange peel is spicy, bitter, and warm.

It has the effect of regulating qi, dampness and phlegm.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that orange peel contains orange peel compounds, which have the effect of lowering blood fat, and is suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia who are obese and fat.

銆€銆€You can use the right amount of orange peel, boiled in boiling water, and after suffocating for 10 minutes, drink on behalf of the tea.

You can also use 10 grams of orange peel, 20 grams of hawthorn, into the casserole, add some water, boil for 20 minutes, go to the slag to take juice, brew tea and drink frequently.

銆€銆€Hawthorn tea: Hawthorn is a good food for lowering blood fat. Hawthorn contains tri-chains and flavonoids, which can reduce serum lipids, vitamin C of hawthorn, and has the effect of reducing weight and lowering fat.

Therefore, hawthorn is a good product for patients with hyperlipidemia.

It has a better effect on inhibiting serum hypertension and triglyceride.

銆€銆€Take 30 grams of fresh hawthorn, 5 grams of oyster flowers, 15 grams of tender lotus leaves, 10 grams of Cassia.

Put the above items into the pot and cook them. When they are rotten, crush them with a large spoon and cook for another 10 minutes. Take the juice as a tea, one dose a day, and even serve for three months.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemum tea: Chrysanthemum is the flower head of the compositae.

Slightly cold, sweet, bitter, with clear liver and eyesight, anti-inflammatory and detoxification, anti-thrombotic, antipyretic and sedative, increase coronary blood flow, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids.

銆€銆€Long-term suffering, has a good effect on hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

Take 10 grams of chrysanthemum, brew with boiling water, and cover it for a while.

銆€銆€Cassia: A mature seed for nectar of legumes.

Slightly cold, sweet, bitter, salty, with clear liver and eyesight, phlegm and pain, laxative, reduce blood lipids.

Go to the cassia 10 grams, boil water, and then wait a moment before you cover it.