See if your body is poisonous from the lip color

See if your body is “poisonous” from the lip color

Lip red teeth white, this from the Ming Dynasty Hu Wenhuan “Qiong Jiji, Sang Xia Xia wife”: “I only see the red teeth white, peach face, green 楝?鏈遍鏌冲彾鐪? therefore can not bear to go.
“It is a metaphor for a person to look beautiful.
Nowadays, the lips are red and white, not only the pursuit of girls, but also the small fresh meat on the TV as a symbol of handsome.
The change in the color of the lips not only enhances one’s temperament, but also sees a person’s physical health.
Chinese medicine believes that “the lips are used for opening and closing, and the heart is the household.”
“Different lip colors represent different conditions of the body, and Chinese medicine teaches you to read the lip color “warning”!
1 Is the lips red or deep red or purple?
銆€銆€Tip: Your physical condition is still relatively large, and the tongue is like an indicator of energy in your body. When there is too much energy in your body, it will produce a “fire” due to excessive energy.
And the more the color develops towards deep red, the greater the fire in the body.
銆€銆€甯歌涓嶉€傦細鐗欑柤銆佸ご鐤笺€佸ご鏅曘€佷究绉樸€佸翱榛勭瓑銆€銆€闃叉不鏂规硶锛氥€€銆€1銆佺珛鍗冲噺灏戜互涓嬬墿璐ㄧ殑鎽勫叆锛岃緵杈i鐗┿€佺硸绫汇€侀浮鑲夈€佺緤鑲夛紝瀹冧滑鍙細浜х敓鐨勬洿澶氱殑鑳介噺锛岃浣燭he fire in the body is more prosperous, causing it to be more crimson in color.
銆€銆€2, try not to take supplements containing ginseng, jujube and other substances, after all, it is very dangerous to add oil on the fire.
銆€銆€3, when there is so much discomfort, you need to have a drug to help.
Scrophularia 30g habitat 30g Ophiopogon 30g cinnamon 2g, Shuijianbi.
This recipe is an ancient famous soup.
For the above discomfort, there is obvious relief effect. In the case of cleaning up the human body “fire”, at the same time, make up the Yin liquid, so that we are no longer dry wood, no longer see the fire.
2 Lips are pale white Tip: Your body, whether it is gas or blood, is in a relatively scarce state, because they are not filled enough to make your lips show the reddish color that should have.
銆€銆€Common discomfort: fatigue, drowsiness, back pain, low sexual desire, etc.
銆€銆€Prevention and treatment methods: 1. Strengthen the intake of relatively high-nutrition substances, do not picky eaters again, do not think about losing weight, life is more important than slim.
銆€銆€Suggested food: fish, chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, etc.
銆€銆€2, peanuts with red endothelium, appropriate chews every day, not limited.
Dried dates, at least 15 or more a day.
銆€銆€3. Don’t stay up late, it will aggravate the destructive consumption of your already inadequate energy.
4, a cup of old Chinese medicine every day[recently too hard]poor memory, inattention, poor rest, often upset, this is the performance of fatigue.
Old Chinese medicine practitioners have been working too hard recently. They use a variety of medicines and other homologous materials such as medlar and cassia seed, and use ancient formulas to extract and refine them through modern scientific research to make health-care teabag drinks.
Applicable to people who are often tired and tired.
It is good to get rid of exhaustion and to be efficient.
锛堢偣鍑讳笂鍥惧彲杩涘叆鍟嗗煄璐拱锛?鍢村攪涓洪潚榛戯紙绱級鑹层€€銆€鎻愮ず锛氫綘鐨勮韩浣撻噷杩樻槸鏈夋瘮杈冩槑鏄剧殑琛€鐦€姘旀粸鐨勬儏鍐电殑瀛樺湪锛屾甯搁€熷害娴佸姩鐫€鐨勮娑叉槸涓嶄細鍛堢幇鍑鸿繖Kind of color of the lips.
銆€銆€Common discomfort: chest tightness, love sigh, occasional tingling in the chest, nightmares, etc.
銆€銆€Prevention methods: 1. If you exercise very little, then 30 minutes of jogging every day will completely change your lip color.
銆€銆€2, it is strongly recommended to drink 1-2 tablespoons of Shanxi old vinegar every day, which will definitely make your black and black lips change after a while.
Old vinegar itself has other effects, but also has a soft effect of promoting blood circulation and removing phlegm.
銆€銆€3. If there is smoking, it is best to reduce the amount of smoking.
Nicotine in the body is still less good.
4 The skin around the lips is black. Tip: There is still a lot of moisture in your body. At the same time, it means that your kidney and spleen and stomach begin to have insufficient deficiency.
銆€銆€Common discomfort: decreased appetite, poor digestion, heavy sense of lower limbs, frequent urination.
銆€銆€Control methods: 1, try to avoid all kinds of sweets, fried, greasy, more sticky foods, raw foods, etc., because they can make more moisture in your body.
銆€銆€2, must not rush to sleep or sleep after a meal, which will directly lead to the body due to the slow transport of food to produce moisture.
銆€銆€3, your kidneys and spleen and stomach meridians are originated on the feet, feet are as important as the roots of plants, try to use hot water to soak your feet every day, this will add heat directly from your “root” to the linkOrgan of the.5 double-sided or unilateral mouth cracking tips: whether you are talking or eating, during the movement of the lips, the position of the mouth is still relatively immobile, they are likely to be the door axis, so once the body appearsThe state of spleen and stomach yin deficiency, then the most easily “oil-deficient” parts are still in the mouth, so in this case, they are often prone to cracking.

銆€銆€Dietary methods: 1, more intake of vitamin B family, eat more fresh vegetables, add water.

銆€銆€2, it is recommended to see less cross talk, essays, and funny programs, so as not to crack the wound again.

Repeated cracking of the wound is not conducive to the ultimate recovery.

銆€銆€3, it is recommended to temporarily eat more foods with larger fats.

Shanghai’s per capita life expectancy is 82 years old.


Shanghai’s per capita life expectancy is 82 years old.

Recently, the Shanghai Health Bureau announced to the media that the per capita life expectancy of the Shanghai registered population is 82.

At the age of 13, he is the highest in the country. In the past 50 years, life expectancy has increased by nearly 38 years.

As the largest city in mainland China, some longevity health experiences of Shanghainese are worthy of being staggered by other urbanites.

銆€銆€Readers have experience why Shanghai people live longer and longer?

A reader who has lived in Shanghai for a long time shared his experience with reporters.

His name is Wu Minghua. He is 72 years old and went to Shanghai from Chengdu, Sichuan six years ago.

銆€銆€Vegetables pay attention to fresh water, rarely eat leftovers. “I live in the Wenyuan Community of Hongkou District. I just came to the scene. When I get up at 6 o’clock, I will see the elderly women in the community come back with the basket.

I am very curious. It turns out that the vegetables eaten by Shanghai people pay attention to the 鈥榳ater fresh’. Some people go to the vegetable market to buy food at 4 or 5 in the morning.

The daughter-in-law is a native of Shanghai. Every time the amount of cooking seems to be calculated, there is basically no leftovers.

Wu Minghua said that they hate eating leftovers and never eat overnight dishes.

銆€銆€It is recognized that breakfast is more than dinner. 鈥淪hanghai people eat breakfast very much. For the young people in my family, they eat dinner twice a week at home, but breakfast must be eaten at home.

Milk, fruit is a must, like to drink vegetable porridge.

Dinner is more cozy, eat casually.

Wu Minghua said that Shanghai people are not used to taking bread soy milk and eating while walking.

銆€銆€The old lady loves to dress up “Shanghai men are more gentlemen, fashionable words are ‘little men’, my son has been basically ‘Shanghaiized’ these years.

At home, men help women with housework. Most Shanghai men will cook and cook. I think this helps couples.

There are several old ladies in the community, wearing cheongsam, make-up, and still learning embroidery. It is a very elegant old lady.

“Health is not just hanging on the lips.” Shanghai people’s health awareness is not just about it.

Let me give you an example. When Shanghai people celebrate the New Year, they rarely say 鈥業 wish you to make a fortune’, but 鈥業 wish you health,’ 鈥業 wish you happiness’.

Wu Minghua said.

銆€銆€Experts have something to say that Haipai diet is worth learning. Tong Bende, director of the Nutrition Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Second Military Medical University of the People’s Liberation Army, said that Shanghai locals are mostly slim, which is related to Shanghai-style diet.

The favorite cooking method for Shanghainese is cold salad, steamed, and simmered.

Shanghai cuisine pays attention to less oil, less salt, no MSG, and pay attention to the original taste.

Shanghai people have three meals a day, paying attention to red, yellow, green, white, black and succulent. There are many dishes on the table, and every one is small and fine.

Shanghai cuisine basically does not use soy sauce, and the food is lighter.

Seventy, eighty Mo Zhen can!


“Seventy, eighty” Mo Zhen can!

“Seventy, eighty” Mo Zhen can!
At that time, the physical function has been further weakened, and everything should be done with force.
銆€銆€Step by step – not worth the loss The elderly must exercise their own body, especially the “seventy, eighty” old people, should first consult the advice of medical experts, choose the fitness and exercise methods that suit them.
Like walking backwards, although it is good for the body, but compared with the harm it may cause, it is light and light, and the discerning person will be clear at a glance.
It is recommended that older people do not choose to take this fitness method backwards to avoid unexpected accidents.
銆€銆€浜よ皧鑸炩€曗€曟綔浼忓嵄鏈恒€€銆€鍓嶅嚑澶╂垜鍒板叕鍥殑闇插ぉ鑸炲満璺宠垶锛岀湅鍒拌垶鍦虹殑鑰佹澘姝e涓€浣嶄竷鍗佸宀佺殑鑰佽垶鍙嬩笅鈥滈€愬浠も€濓細鈥滆鎮ㄤ粖鍚庝笉瑕佹潵鑸炲満璺宠垶浜嗭紝浠ュ厤An accident occurred and caused a dispute.
“The old dancer said: “I am responsible for the problem, I will not depend on you.
“However the old dancers promised, the dance floor boss would not let the old man enter the dance floor.”
One inquired, a few days ago, a 60-year-old dancer suddenly fell to the ground while jumping “Fast Three”!
The family claimed to the owner of the dance hall. The boss was bitten by a snake and was afraid of the rope for ten years.
Therefore, it is hard to stipulate that the elderly over the age of 60 refused to enter.
銆€銆€Although the rules of the dance floor owner are suspected of having a “overlord clause,” it is not unreasonable.
You think: If you are in the dance hall, you will jump and not jump. If you are a daredevil, give you a veteran. Do you have “70, 80”?
Therefore, the activities of senior citizens should be as good as individual and less involved in group activities to avoid bruises and bruises.
銆€銆€Work hard – do what you can. Hu Dabo has been in the 70s this year, and his body is quite tough. He has a monthly pension of more than 2,000 yuan. He also picks up water every day – just to pass the time.
The neighbors praised him for his good health and the dishes were well planted.
So Hu Dabo is more energetic, and the enthusiasm for growing vegetables is higher.
In August last year, the locals encountered a drought that had not happened for decades. It was anxious that Hu Dabo not only took the lead in picking water, but also mobilized his son and son-in-law to fight drought and preserve food!
Everyone persuaded him: “If you don’t eat, don’t bud, and toss these things,” he said, “I don’t give up.”
In the end, the dish was kept, and Hu Dabo was flashed by the water, and he could not get out of bed for a while.
銆€銆€The “seventy, eighty” old people do not do their best to do their best. To do it, they can only do what they can, and the labor intensity should be reduced year by year with the increase of age.
銆€銆€Get up early – Bai Mi Yi Shu Older people generally sleep early and get up early.
It’s early, others are still dreaming, how do you spend this time?
Retired cadre Lao Deng will kill time: get up at 6 in the morning, start at home at 6:30, go around a big circle of about 3 kilometers, and go to the vegetable market at 8 o’clock, just buy food, and the wind and rain are unimpeded.
In order to prevent accidents, Lao Deng will carefully understand the weather forecast for the local tomorrow, and if there are any bad weather such as freezing or raining, he will prepare for anti-skid and rain in advance.
This sway is more than a decade later. Old Deng is in his early 70s. The family asked him to change the habit of taking a walk early. Lao Deng was still doing his own thing because he had “no problem for more than a decade.”
At the beginning of January 2008, local meteorological stations had false positives.
There was no forecast that there would be ice on the next morning, so Lao Deng did not have anti-slip equipment and was not mentally prepared. When he went down the stairs, he slipped to the ground and broke the thigh bone. The doctor said that there was no half a year.Time is not going to bed!
銆€銆€Taking an early walk is definitely good for most people’s bodies, but it is a different matter for the elderly: weather, law and order, physical condition, etc. may cause accidents and diseases during the walk.
Therefore, it is recommended that elderly people who get up early should take indoor activities as well. For example, practicing calligraphy and playing Tai Chi, are healthy and safe ways to kill time. Family members are around, and in case of sudden illness, someone will find it in time; evenIf you want to take a walk, you have to wait until after eight o’clock.
This proposal has nothing to do but the old people may wish to give it a try.