Zhang Xizhe: We did n’t score enough points on the strong team, now we can only wait for the opponent to make mistakes

Zhang Xizhe: We did n’t score enough points on the strong team, now we can only wait for the opponent to make mistakes
Zhang Xizhe admitted that he didn’t score enough points on the strong team this season.Figure / Vision China lost to Shanghai in Shanghai 2-0 at home, and the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan team, which fell to third place in the standings, is considered to have very little hope of winning the championship.In an interview with the media after the game, Zhang Xizhe admitted: “We didn’t score enough points on the strong team.”For the defeat in this game, Zhang Xizhe concluded:” In the beginning, both sides had opportunities, but we were a bit chaotic after our opponents scored, and the midfield played a little chaotic.Everyone hasn’t been together for a long time, there is no rhythm of playing together.”As for whether the defeat in this game means that the team’s hope for the championship is shattered, Zhang Xizhe smiled bitterly and said:” The outside has also said that hope is slim.We really do not have the initiative right now, we can only expect our opponents to make mistakes.We lost two very important games in the second half (Guo’an lost to Evergrande and Shanghai Hong Kong at home) and did not score points in important games.Indeed, this year we did not score enough points against the strong teams.”There are 4 rounds left in the league. Guo’an No. 10 picks:” We will now focus on the next game and play well.We only have a chance when we are doing well and others make mistakes. If we can’t do well, then even if others make mistakes, we have no chance.”

[How to fry eggs is delicious and good-looking]

[How to fry eggs is delicious and good-looking]

Everyone knows that eggs are very common, and because of their versatility, they are very popular.

Eggs are rich in protein, but also have the effect of replenishing qi and nourishing qi. Without oil, it is very harmful to the human body.

At the same time, there are many ways to make eggs, such as scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs, and so on.

Many people know how to fry eggs, but whether they are beautiful or not is a problem. Many people ca n’t fry complete eggs without the omelette model. So how can you fry delicious and still-looking eggs?


There are two common forms of fried eggs. The first is to beat the eggs directly into the pot. The first is to mix them into a bowl and stir-fry. Today I am talking about the first fried eggs, which is often called fried poached eggs.Oh!

How to fry eggs is delicious and good-looking 1. After cleaning the wok, dry the water in the wok or open it to dry, and then pour in the oil slowly. The amount of oil to be poured depends on the shape of the wok.

If it is a non-stick pan, pour a small amount of oil, then lift the pan handle to spread the oil evenly into the entire pan. Pay attention that the oil is not easy to overdo it; if it is an old-fashioned wok, double the oil than the pan, thenUse a spatula to spread the oil evenly around the pan to prevent sticking.

2 Preheat the oil after opening the fire. If you are afraid of obesity, you can stand a little farther to observe the condition of the oil pan. When the oil is hot and starts to splash oil, turn off the fire immediately, and prepare the eggs in advance.Break lightly and pour it into a saucepan.

3 After the eggs are poured into the pot after the fire is turned off, the oil can be pre-heated because the oil is preheated. At the same time, because the fire has been turned off, don’t worry about frying and rush to turn over. You just stand by and watch the eggs in the hot oil.Slowly, one side of the egg is basically formed, and gently turn the egg over. At this time, you don’t have to worry about oil splashing on your body.

4 After turning the omelette, turn it to a low heat and fry it one to three times on both sides according to your preference. Be careful not to fry for too long, because it will easily fry the eggs and affect the taste and shape.Some people don’t like to eat sweetheart eggs, and they worry that the middle yolk has not yet formed. At this time, you just use a spatula to gently poke the middle protein with a spatula to allow the yolk to change slowly, so that the egg yolk can be cooked at the same time!
If there is no special requirement, it can be omitted.

After the egg is cooked for 6 minutes, you can turn off the heat and turn it repeatedly according to the remaining temperature of the oil to adjust some details.

The fried eggs in this way are not easy to be burnt, and at the same time the heat is easy to grasp, it is easier to fry your favorite eggs, and you no longer need to be afraid of hot oil.

The main focus here is fried eggs, not creative fried eggs, so you can add salt, sugar or onion, green onions, green and red bell peppers, etc. to add flavor during or after frying according to your own taste and creativity.

Note 1 At the beginning, the preheating of the oil pan must be a large fire, so that the oil heats up quickly, and at the same time, it is easier to initially shape the eggs after the heat is turned off. 2 When the eggs are fired again, change the low heat, and adjust the frying according to your favorite taste.The color and depth of the egg 3 The nutritional content of the egg will be added to the part that is lost during the frying process. Therefore, it is recommended that you cut the fried eggs into a staggered wife, which affects the taste and loses more nutrients.

Funeng shares (600483): Three quarterly reports are in line with expectations Offshore wind power begins to contribute performance

Funeng shares (600483): Three quarterly reports are in line with expectations Offshore wind power begins to contribute performance
Note: Thermal power performance rebounded, wind power utilization hours continued to decline, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by 21.61% of the companies released the 2019 third quarter report, with operating income of 74 in the first half of the year.0.7 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.66%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies9.820,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.23%, deducting non-net profit 8.64 ppm, an 18-year increase.35%, in line with expectations. The company completed 139 generations in the first three quarters of 2019.3.2 billion kWh, an annual increase of 8.92%; completed online power 132.07 billion kWh, an increase of 8 per year.84%.The company’s offshore wind power started production in the third quarter, and Haifeng’s performance will continue to grow in the future.As previously expected, the company’s thermal power plant profitability is in a rebound cycle and is expected to continue to grow in 2019. Thermal power profits continued to rise as a whole, and thermal power projects that continue to be incorporated into high-quality project companies’ operations and investments are high-quality assets, and their profitability is at the internal actual level.In the future, it is expected that the company’s reorganization will timely acquire high-quality projects in the group or market to increase the company’s asset size.Under the circumstances that the maximum probability deviation of fuel prices may occur in the future and the company’s overall utilization hours are expected to be maintained and improved, the overall profit of the company’s thermal power projects is expected to stabilize and recover in the short term to reach a reasonable level. The Dingyanshan wind farm was put into operation, and the Pinghai Bay F zone sea wind project was successively connected to the grid. In the third quarter, the company’s Putian Dingyan mountain wind farm was completed and put into operation, and the company’s Pinghai Bay F zone offshore wind power project was gradually connected to the grid.In addition, the company’s Nan’an Yangping and 淡水桑拿网 Yongchun Waishan projects were completed and put into production in April. The company’s new energy installed capacity further increased, and the company’s new energy sector profit growth rebounded in 2019. The company’s sea wind project will bring generous returns to the company. At present, the company has approved a 900MW holding offshore wind power project in Putian Pinghai Bay F District, Putian Shicheng, Changle Offshore Area C. In addition, the company cooperated with the Three Gorges to participate in multiple Three Gorges offshore wind power projects.project.We expect that the offshore wind power projects (Putian Pinghai Bay F, Putian Shicheng, Changle Offshore Area C) that have been approved by Funeng Co., Ltd. and the offshore wind power projects of Three Gorges Group (Fuqing Xinghua Bay Offshore Wind Power Phases I and II, Zhangzhou LiuzhouAo D area) will bring about 8 to Funeng after it is fully put into production.6 ppm net profit increase.And 13 of Fujian offshore wind power.Looking at the 3GW plan, Funeng will have more offshore wind power investment projects approved for construction in the future, and offshore wind power will become a major increase in the company’s future performance. Proposed to purchase 10% equity of Ningde Nuclear Power from the Group, cash flow projects to improve the overall operating quality of the company On August 1, 2019, the company issued an announcement saying that it planned to purchase 10% of its Ningde Nuclear Power holdings by issuing shares from Funeng GroupEquity, the current transaction is proceeding smoothly.Ningde Nuclear Power has built and put into operation 4 nuclear power units with a total installed capacity of 435.60,000 kilowatts.The net profit of Ningde Nuclear Power in 2017, 2018 and January-March 2019 was 16 respectively.4.8 billion, 22.300 million and 4.600 million.The transaction will increase the company ‘s equity installed capacity, asset size and net profit, and improve the company ‘s overall quality. Earnings forecast We expect the company’s revenue for 2019-2021 to be 97.4.1 billion, 105.22 ppm and 112.2.6 billion; net profit attributable to mothers is 14.700 million, 17.900 million and 20.10,000 yuan, three-year compound growth rate of 24%, EPS is 0.94 yuan, 1.15 yuan and 1.29 yuan, target price of 12 yuan, give “buy” rating. Risks suggest that thermal coal prices will rise; the progress of offshore wind power projects will not meet expectations; the economic downturn will affect the heating demand in the park.

FAW Car (000800): Restructuring announces acceleration of FAW integration

FAW Car (000800): Restructuring announces acceleration of FAW integration

Event: The company announced the reorganization plan, intending to transfer all assets except the finance company, Xinan Insurance’s equity and some retained assets to Sedan Co., Ltd. as a disposable asset, and the 100% equity of FAW Jiefang held by FAW shares.The value part is replaced.

FAW Liberated 100% equity for 270.

10,000 yuan, 50% of the car’s limited 100% equity.

9 trillion, a difference of 219.

200 million, of which 199.

200 million consideration by the company at 6.

68 yuan / share issuance in the form of payment, the remaining 2 billion consideration is paid in cash; the company plans to raise funds to support no more than 3.5 billion yuan.

The company’s commitment to FAW Co., Ltd. for the investment in patents and know-how in the assets for 2019-2022 is 5, respectively.

700 million, 6.

600 million, 6.

900 million and 1.

1 ppm, if it fails to meet the commitment, it will be compensated annually through share payment.

Substantial progress has been made in resolving inter-industry competition, and more integration is expected. After the completion of the company’s asset replacement, the passenger car business is divested from the listed company. FAW ‘s long-standing inter-industry competition has taken a key step.Car listing platform.

With the gradual smoothing of the fair within the FAW Group, we believe that the FAW state-owned enterprise reform is expected to accelerate, or open the prelude to the overall listing, and then FAW shares may give up control 杭州桑拿 of FAW Xiali, waiting for a solution to the FAW-Volkswagen share dispute, and then allThe car business may be integrated and listed again.

Revitalizing the inventory to create an increase, heavy truck leader appeared in the capital market FAW Jiefang is the absolute leader in the domestic heavy truck industry, one of the highest quality assets in the FAW Group.

The heavy truck market is concentrated, and FAW Jiefang’s market share has been maintained at more than 20%, ranking first in the industry for a long time. From 2018 to 2019Q1, FAW Jiefang achieved business 726.

500 million, 257.

800 million, net profit attributable to mother 14.

500 million, 7.

10,000 yuan.

The Group injected lucrative commercial vehicle business into listed companies, which will effectively revitalize the existing high-quality existing assets, further create increments for shareholders, and sound the horn of state-owned enterprise reform.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations We expect FAW Jiefang to realize a net profit attributable to its mother of USD 3-3.5 billion in 2019. Considering the investment income of the financial company and Xinan Insurance, FAW Car’s revenue and profits are 35-40 trillion.Estimated value, considering a certain state-owned enterprise reform premium, given a valuation of 12 times PE. After the restructuring, the reasonable market value of FAW Car is expected to be 42-48 billion US dollars, and the total equity considering supporting financing is expected to be 50.

400 million shares, corresponding to the previous 8.

33 yuan-9.

52 yuan, the company’s rating downgraded to “overweight.”

Risk warning: Asset restructuring and integration are worse than expected; heavy truck market prosperity changes

What is seminal vesiculitis?


Does seminal vesiculitis affect reproduction?

What is seminal vesiculitis?
Does seminal vesiculitis affect reproduction?

The seminal vesicle is located behind the bladder, above the prostate, and seminal vesiculitis refers to inflammation of the seminal vesicle.

Seminal vesiculitis is complicated by prostatitis. Acute seminal vesiculitis is caused by bacterial invasive seminal vesicle infection. Chronic seminal vesiculitis is transformed from acute seminal vesiculitis.

Seminal vesiculitis is not contagious, but it can lead to male infertility, which can be said to be closely related to family happiness.

The main symptoms of seminal vesiculitis 鈼?blood essence: the performance of ejaculation, the semen is pink or red, with blood clots.

鈼?frequent urination, urgency, dysuria: patients with seminal vesiculitis have urgency, urinary pain symptoms, accompanied by dysuria, urination discomfort, burning sensation.

鈼?Pain: Inferior abdominal pain in patients with acute seminal vesiculitis, involving the perineum and bilateral groin.

Chronic can cause pain in the suprapubic area, accompanied by genital discomfort, and increased pain during ejaculation.

Seminal vesicles are not contagious, but can cause male infertility seminal vesicles to neither produce sperm nor store sperm, but when complications occur in seminal vesicles, it will affect the function of seminal vesicle secretion, weaken sperm motility, and lead to sperm death, resulting in males notEducation.
Seminal vesiculitis is not a sexually transmitted disease, so it will not be transmitted to the woman, but seminal vesiculitis is often secondary to genitourinary infections. During the treatment period, sexual assault is not strictly followed.

How to effectively treat seminal vesiculitis?

The key to the treatment of seminal vesiculitis is to identify the type of invading bacteria and to do targeted bactericidal treatment.

Most patients did not have symptomatic treatment, which resulted in damage to seminal vesiculitis in three to five years, and frequent recurrence.

As long as the pathogen is found, symptomatic treatment is completely effective to prevent recurrence.

Uterine fibroids diet guide


Uterine fibroids diet guide

Today, in the 21st century, as a woman, I hope that my health is good. As a wife, I hope my family will be healthy and happy. As a child, I hope my parents will live long and healthy.

Uterine fibroid disease is generally predisposed to female friends, especially female friends in middle age.

The following is a guide to the uterine fibroids diet guide, which has a good therapeutic effect for patients.

Uterine fibroids diet guide one, uterine fibroids to eat those who are good for the body 1) uterine fibroids patients should eat more grains such as corn, beans, can also often eat some dry fruit foods that often eat plenty of nutrients, such as peanuts, sesame, melon seeds, etc.

In addition, the daily tea meal is quasi-point quantitative to prevent overeating.

2) The tea of patients with uterine fibroids should be light, it is best not to eat mutton, dog meat, shrimp, crab, squid, salted fish, black fish and other hair.

3) patients with uterine fibroids can eat more seaweed foods, such as seaweed, kelp, sea cabbage, wakame, etc., seaweed minerals up to calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and so on.

Modern science believes that regular seaweed food can effectively regulate blood pH and avoid excessive consumption of alkaline elements (calcium and zinc) in the body due to acid neutralization.

4) Maintain low-fat tea, eat lean meat, chicken, eggs, quail eggs, squid, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, melon, mushrooms, tofu, kelp, seaweed, fruits, etc.And fruit.

Second, recommend uterine fibroids diet 1), Su Shi pork soup[ingredients]Sumu 12 grams, Chuanxiong 10 grams, fragrant attached 6 grams, 30 grams of black fungus, pangolin tablets 3 grams, 250 grams of pork.

[Method]Black fungus, water, washed; pork, diced, drowning to float; Sumu, Chuanxiong, Xiangfu, pangolin, tied with gauze and tied tightly.

Put the medicine pack, pork, black fungus, etc. into the pot, add water, salt, cooking wine, boil, then simmer for 30 minutes, add MSG and mix thoroughly, then you can eat.

[Function]Live blood stasis, qi and rushing.

This meal uses Sumu, Chuanxiong, activating blood stasis; Xiangfu, Shugan Liqi; black fungus, kidney; pangolin, loose and broken; pork, supplement protein and carbohydrate.

The soup is mainly based on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and it is not only delicious, but also has the effect of attacking and not cutting.

2), rice ginseng porridge[ingredients]30 grams of raw rice kernels, 15 grams of salvia, 150 grams of glutinous rice.

[Method]First, Dan will participate in the water, fry for 30 minutes, and take the juice to the residue.

Rice kernels are washed, glutinous rice is cleaned, put into the pot, add water and medicine juice, simmer into porridge, you can eat.

[Function]Activating blood stasis, turbidity and dampness.

This meal uses rice kernels, moisturizing and clearing heat, detoxification and elimination, modern research believes that its containing rice kernel fat has anti-tumor effect; Danshen, Huoxuehua slurry, Tongluo Tiaojing, containing tanshinone, salvia miltiorrhiza plasma and other ingredients,It expands blood vessels and improves blood flow, but has the effect of dissipating accumulation.

Double-section consumption tips: net red moon cake anti-flicker out of the election to travel agency


Double-section consumption tips: net red moon cake anti-flicker out of the election to travel agency

Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day is coming, and at the peak of holiday consumption, in order to reduce consumer disputes and advocate the concept of quality, consumption of civilization, science, green and environmental protection, the China Consumers Association, in conjunction with recent market consumption hotspots and holiday consumption characteristics, was released in 2018.Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day consumption tips.

The festive food is selling hot red moon cake anti-flicking along with the transition of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in the major shopping sites and friends circle, the “net red moon cake” with the “health”, “manual” and “health” and other signs began to popular.

However, the survey found that most of these concept moon cakes promoted the quality of Shantou over internal quality, and there were problems such as false publicity behind the glare.

Zhongxiao Association reminds consumers that when purchasing moon cakes, we must first choose a business that has the qualifications for food production and operation, high brand credibility, and stable product quality. After purchasing the products, we must keep relevant shopping vouchers, return and exchange rights and rights.

In fact, when buying moon cakes, it is necessary to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity.

For example, the 鈥渁balone mooncake鈥?declared by the merchant may be just 鈥渁balone flavor鈥?rather than 鈥渁balone meat鈥? the so-called 鈥減rivate kitchen mooncake鈥?may be that the producer does not meet the corresponding food production and circulation qualifications at all, and it is actually 鈥渢hree no products鈥?”, there are food safety hazards.

Travel accommodation has an online reservation to confirm the holiday travel, it is necessary to book the hotel.

Many consumers have become accustomed to online appointments, but while enjoying convenience, there are also disputes.

For example, when you booked your room, you found that there was no reservation, or the room was booked in another city.

The National Day holiday is a tourist season. Once you have booked a wrong home, you may face a shackle of nowhere to stay. It will affect your holiday mood and delay the wrong follow-up travel plan.

China Consumers Association reminds consumers that after online booking, it is best to confirm with the hotel phone directly, and then confirm the error and then travel with confidence.

At the same time, it is recommended that consumers should pay attention to the decoration of the hotel when booking a hotel, and try to avoid choosing to stay in a newly renovated hotel, in case the decoration is too heavy and the actual uninhabitable.

Traveling to the travel agency to reject low-cost anti-traps with “low price” and “rebate” and other names to attract consumers, especially elderly consumers, travel products have repeatedly banned.

Most of the low-cost tour groups are profitable by inducing consumers to shop, shrinking their journeys, lowering the standard of accommodation and even increasing the price in the middle. Consumers may eventually fall into the traps designed by the merchants.

In addition, some unscrupulous merchants attract consumers to invest once by launching travel prepaid cards and other forms, promising follow-up benefits.

These promotional products seem to be very attractive, but there have been many cases of business volume running, and consumers have no complaints.

Therefore, China Consumers Association reminds consumers to recognize the distance from travel agency products and not to be cheap.

Careful prepaid cards to avoid small losses in the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the National Day holiday, pre-estimated consumption such as prepaid cards will enter a peak.

For such consumption, the China Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points: pay attention to prepaid cards, stored value cards.

Consumers need to confirm whether they really need such services for a long time, and don’t want to rush to a high discount or trust the merchant’s sales commitment.

It is very difficult to recover losses in current prepaid consumer disputes, so consumers should be cautious in adopting prepaid methods for consumption, and try not to prepay cards.

Reduce prepayments and shorten the life cycle.

If it is really necessary to carry out prepaid cards, in order to reduce the risk of enterprises running and transferring risks, consumers should try to reduce the amount of prepayments, shorten the period of use, and consume as soon as possible.

Consider the business situation.

Before you start the card, you should understand the qualifications of the company and the word-of-mouth situation, and choose a large-scale enterprise with long-term existence, high brand awareness and good reputation.

For franchisees, due to different franchise models, the legal relationship between franchisees and headquarters is different, and their respective responsibilities and attitudes for legal responsibilities are different. Consumers need to consider them comprehensively.

Try to advance the written agreement.

When consumers make prepaid consumption, they should use written agreements or recording records to distinguish the applicable scope, duration, function and card withdrawal conditions of prepaid consumer cards. Remember not to trust the salesperson’s verbal commitment.

People’s Daily (06 edition, September 23, 2018)