4 tips for losing weight in winter, so easy to shape the S curve


4 tips for losing weight in winter, so easy to shape the S curve

4 tips for losing weight in winter 1銆乄hen you wake up in the morning, eat more food. Breakfast is the most important meal in the human body. The key role of weight loss is that when the human body is in sleep, the metabolism rate will decrease, and after awakening, the metabolism will beReturn to normal, so you should eat breakfast as soon as possible after the wake up, so that the speed of the new generation will increase, which can also be a good slimming effect.

2, no time to eat breakfast, do not have a lot of hands, many people because of rushing to work, often talk about breakfast this important thing to ignore, in fact, this alternately hurt the body, is an important factor leading to obesity, even in the hurry, don’t forgetBring breakfast to your office, and when you feel obese, you can get a strong refueling breakfast, which will bring you positive energy all day, and will not cause too much lunch.

3, like the child to drink yogurt to maintain the daily intake of yogurt, can consume 60% of the body more than others, the yogurt is rich in calcium ions, can be a catalyst to help the body’s unfortunate burning more quickly and effectively, ifWhen you eat some beans and vegetables with food, you can double the effect.

4, honey human cells faithful defenders Many well-known honey is a very good food, is good for the blood, can prevent the disease of the heart circulatory system, while honey also has a rich antioxidant and detoxification effect, help the human body willThe waste in the body is quickly eliminated from the body, which improves the metabolism of the whole body, especially for the long-term accumulation of cockroaches in the human body, helping the body to achieve rapid weight loss.

How old is your face?


11 small details on the front, let you grow old instantly!

How old is your face?
11 small details on the front, let you grow old instantly!

The years are such a killing knife, the knife is urging the old.

Young face, full, soft lines, no edges, smooth skin, no wrinkles (imagine touch, must be soft and elastic).

It is a pity that the knife is dry, the face is blunt, the skin is dull, and the gully is covered!

This is the process of the bones, muscles, adults, skin and other organizational structures, which are slowly deformed due to the external environment and gravity.

First, it is the face-shaped bone that changes the bones, muscles, and fascia provides the basic frame of the face, just like the reinforced concrete of the house.

When young, these frames are very strong. As the age increases, the bones begin to be absorbed, the muscles shrink and become thinner, the fascia begins to become thinner and looser, and with the effect of gravity, the face is narrower and narrower.The shape becomes an inverted heart shape with a narrow upper and a lower width.

In fact, it is the change of skin and subcutaneous aunt. With the increase of age, the aunt’s aunt gradually softens and becomes less loose, and the skin gradually becomes thinner and looser, loses its elasticity, and hangs down under the action of gravity.

This not only aggravates the change of the heart shape to the heart shape, but also the skin gradually loses fullness and gloss, and the color becomes uneven. Under the effect of the habitual facial expression of the year, the often folded skin begins to wrinkle.With all kinds of lines, the texture has changed.

These details make Yan Lingda’s Yan Yan software also measure the face, face fullness, skin gloss, wrinkles and so on.

Now let me tell you the details that make Yan Ling (note, not the value of the face) rise. You can look in the mirror and see if there are any such terrible things.

Heads are particularly prone to people who like to look up.

The frown pattern is also called the Sichuan word pattern. People who like frowning are more common, old and not angry.

Distal sag and vascular exposure If the sacral portion is exceptional and the muscles are atrophied, the underlying blood vessels are clearly exposed and the overlapping lacing is exposed.

The eyebrows sag because the fixing device for fixing the eyebrows becomes loose, the surrounding skin is slack, and the eyebrows are displaced downward.

The periocular skin around the eyes is the thinnest of the whole body skin, so the first is fine lines.

When the upper eyelid is relaxed, there will be aging triangle eyes, radial crow’s feet appearing above the horizontal direction, and dark circles and bags under the eyelids.

Teardrop tears often appear with the lower eye bags, tears appear, will soon be old, will look tired, bitter.

The nasolabial folds are definitely a deep knife mark carved into the full length of the years.

When the cheeks are depressed, the aunt on the cheeks makes the face look round, full, and then drained, and there will be obvious depressions on the cheeks.

The thinning of the lips and the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth is a very obvious old phase.

The contour of the mandible is gradually shortened and disappears. The loosening of the skin will cause the angle of the mandible to disappear. The aunt’s aunt will pile down, long double shuang or “turkey neck”.

A loose strip of skin on the distal skin strip and the neck of the neck will appear as a preliminary line, and in addition to frequent bowing, there will be a neck line formed by the broken skin fibers.