Five massage methods enhance sexual partner libido


Five massage methods enhance sexual partner libido

Massage to evoke a couple of sexual desires to massage each other before sex, can make men increase their sexual desire, but also help women to put down their restraint and fully enjoy sexual pleasure.

Tell everyone today how to evoke sexual desire in massage.


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If the wife has long hair, it can be used to swipe the front of her husband and make him more excited.

It should be reminded that in this process, you should support yourself with your knees and elbows to avoid being completely pressed against each other.

銆€銆€Third, restore your kneeling position, sweep your partner’s back with your fingers, and sweep your shoulders down to your hips to increase the vitality of your skin.

銆€銆€Fourth, lean forward and place your forearms on the back of your partner.

Before the arm gently rubs his main shaft, the body can lean forward slightly, and the brake can cover his back.

銆€銆€Fifth, when you touch his shoulder, the palm is aimed at his arm and tries to stretch forward. The body leans softly against him, keeps the two bodies in contact for a moment, adjusts each other’s breath, and gives each other some time to relax.

5 weeks healthy detox slimming strategy


5 weeks healthy detox slimming strategy

To lose weight first detoxification, the body toxin accumulation and weight loss methods are all white.

How can detoxification be both fast and without affecting your health?

You may wish to take a look at the 5-week detoxification slimming plan shared by netizens. The effect is not bad.

銆€銆€Week 1: Emptying the garbage in the body. Objective of this stage: Excrete all the wastes that are happy to burn calories.

銆€銆€Interfering factors: biscuits, bread, flour, chocolate, carbonated drinks, juice, meat, cheese, etc.

These foods are not easily removed in time, so it is best not to immerse yourself in your own refrigerator.

銆€銆€Routine nutrition: Everyday meals are essential for all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurt, fish or seafood.

In addition, you should also prepare a satisfying low-fat taste, and feel relieved when you are hungry.

銆€銆€Low-fat foods that do not need to be avoided include: soy milk (used to supplement fiber and plant fiber, which helps to consume trace amounts in the body); green tea (the tea polyphenols can activate the activity of enzymes in the body, which is good for detoxification and promote sugar metabolism);(A kind of artificial sweetener, made of glucose and other ingredients, easy to digest); Honey (can promote metabolism, eliminate body waste); Sesame oil (food oil with sesame as raw material, easily digested by the body); Balsamic vinegar(At least 10 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body can significantly relieve constipation); Mineral water (rich in calcium).

Drink a bowl of homemade detox soup before meals, and drink it as needed during the formal suspension.

銆€銆€Practice: first prepare half cabbage, 6 carrots, 2 sweet peppers, 1 celery, 8 potatoes (peeled), 1 parsley, 2 cloves of garlic, 6 onions.

Wash one by one, then boil about 3 liters of pure water, then pour all these vegetables into the cooked and serve.

銆€銆€Tip: It is very important to help digestion. If you have too much stomach to swell, it is recommended to take appropriate digestion tablets to help digestion.

Carry a bottle of green tea with you (preferably in a thermos cup) and a mouth-stopping oral spray.

When you are too hungry, eat an apple, kiwi or pear to fill your hunger.

You can also eat a small amount of cereal or low-conversion snacks, or even a small piece of low-fat chocolate.

銆€銆€If you can’t help but want to go to the restaurant to improve your meal, it’s best to quickly shift your attention.

For example, scouring a few favorite discs to go home can also help you spend this week with ease and even forget that you are in a slimming period.

Only one point, the time to enjoy the disc continuously should not be too long, and must fall asleep before 12 o’clock, otherwise the body’s metabolic system is prone to confusion.

Persist in drinking a bowl of vegetable detox soup before eating, the amount of food will be reduced to 1/3 of the usual, who can trim you thin after a week.

銆€銆€Weeks 2 and 3: The rules are also good. The goal of this stage is to enrich the nutritional recipes, not to be too taboo, but not to be unscrupulous, leading to a rebound.

銆€銆€Interfering factors: After the last week’s pure heart and evil food, the locusts in the stomach are bound to collectively “protest”. If you are really coveted, you will occasionally reward yourself a little.

銆€銆€Routine nutrition: In addition to every meal before going to drink vegetable detox soup, in the nutrition recipe last week, you can also add pasta, meat, eggs, maltose and other healthy and delicious, and occasionally come one or two dark chocolateOr cheese toast.

Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual, stretch your limbs on the balcony, exercise a little, then organize the room. If you have a pet, you can take a walk downstairs and come back for breakfast.

銆€銆€Tip: Breakfast is good, eat less in the afternoon. All these morning exercises are mainly to eliminate the nasty little belly, and share a hearty breakfast without burden: 2-3 slices of bread, 1 poached egg or soy milk plus cereal, 1 fruit, 1 cup of green tea.

After 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we must try our best to control the diet. When we are unbearable for a long time, we should drink a large cup of vitamin C mineral water. After 5 minutes, we can still eat a banana after we are not hungry.

銆€銆€In comparison with last week’s monotonous recipes, you can occasionally eat dark chocolate to solve the sputum in these two weeks, and enjoy the faint taste, at least psychologically enough satisfaction, sleep more pragmatic, wake up feel moreComfortable.

銆€銆€Week 4: Self-balancing body and mind The goal of this phase: to listen to the real needs of the body.

Almost without bothering, the body has actually developed what point to eat and how much to eat just the conditional reflex inertia.

銆€銆€Interference factors: When the pressure is too big or too long, you will let yourself temporarily ignore the real needs of the body and unknowingly eat too much.

銆€銆€Routine nutrition: As in the previous three weeks, continue the habit of drinking detox soup before meals; early, try to eat more at lunch, eat less at dinner; choose to replace in a quiet place, it is best not to watch TV while eating, it is not suitableWhen you have a meal, talk about it; develop a good habit of chewing slowly, and then swallow it after you have tasted enough of the food. This is good for digestion and absorption, and it is more likely to produce a feeling of belly. After about 20 minutes, there will be no more appetite.
銆€銆€TIPS: Drinking mineral water with bubbles when you are intimately in contact with water, the food will become more delicious.

The reason is simple, and drinking water can make your taste buds more sensitive and help reduce eating.

It is a stretch of mind and body.

Don’t be stressed for slimming, but also know how to resolve psychological invisible pressure at any time, instead of suppressing it.

First find out the source of stress, then release them again, for example, intimate contact with water: bath, swimming, sauna, or even a drink of mineral water. you can feel that the magical water is not just skinIt has a role, and it is also related to oneself, and it can relax the nervous nerves subtly.

銆€銆€When you feel hungry, you can eat anything, but you must stop it. You can’t control it.

Can I go to my favorite restaurant to treat myself?can.

But don’t be too late, because the hormones secreted after midnight are not good for weight loss.

銆€銆€Week 5: Impeccable Ending The goal of this phase: to consolidate the slimming results that have been achieved and to persevere.

銆€銆€Interference factors: In contrast to the reference objects that are not fat, it is impossible to enjoy life as freely as a woman. The will begins to shake and even 鈥渟ink鈥?to the state of eating and drinking.

銆€銆€Routine nutrition: six meals a day, eat less per meal; cultivate some Yaxing who cooks in person.

For example, pre-purchased steamers, woks, casseroles and a large number of dishes, and cooked soups on weekends according to the instructions on the cookbook.

Shop on the bookstore or buy one or two real cooking reference books online.

銆€銆€Tip: Prepare healthy snacks Even if you can take six meals a day, but the hedonists are not enough, you may wish to carefully prepare some 鈥渢onics鈥?

For example, in the morning, drink a cup of yogurt in OFFICE, and then eat a fiber-rich fruit (banana, apple, pear, etc.) after lunch. You can have a roll of sushi at 5 o’clock in the evening and a small drink at night.Bowl of soup.

銆€銆€Can you go out for a tooth festival this week?


But before going out, it is recommended to eat an apple mat to ensure that you will not let yourself eat too much.

Change the new clothes of the small one, and pass through any window to take advantage of the opportunity to appreciate yourself: Wow!

Such a great figure!

I really can’t recognize the girl in front of me!