Vegetarian can reduce arterial stiffness


Vegetarian can reduce arterial stiffness

Peking University People’s Hospital Cardiovascular Disease Early Detection Center found that: vegetarian diet can reduce the hardness of arteriosclerosis: the researchers tracked the diet of monks in Wutaishan, Shanxi, and measured their height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference andHeart rate, and blood biochemical examination, arteriosclerosis detection and vascular elasticity measurement.

The results showed that vegetarian diets exceeded one-fifth of the age and reduced arterial stiffness.

銆€銆€Expert comment: abnormalities in vascular structure and function are the consequences of clinical cardiovascular events, the consequences of which cause lethal and disabling diseases, including myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke, end stage renal disease and obstructive lower extremity arterial disease and other malignant consequences.

Increased arterial stiffness is an early manifestation of vascular disease, with consequent increases in systolic and pulse pressures and decreased diastolic blood pressure.

銆€銆€The researchers looked at the vegetarian diet of the monks and found that regardless of age, arterial stiffness can be significantly improved after receiving enough vegetarian intervention, that is, more than one-fifth of the life time.

The specific reasons for this may be related to the following factors. First, the monks living in Mount Wutai have less interference from the outside world, simple daily activities, and low mental stress, which attenuates the adverse effects of the sympathetic endocrine system on arterial function.

Second, vegetarian diets may lower blood lipids and improve vascular function.

銆€銆€Studies have also confirmed that dyslipidemia can lead to diffuse atherosclerotic changes. In addition, massive deposition of collagen and localized calcification of the vessel wall, endovascular glycosylation end products can also increase arterial stiffness.

Therefore, long-term vegetarian diet may also play a role in arterial protection by regulating blood sugar and improving dyslipidemia.

銆€銆€The results of this survey suggest that it is beneficial to improve vascular function by taking a beneficial lifestyle in time, improving and adhering to sufficient time.

However, after all, there are still a few vegetarians in life. We don’t necessarily have to let people be vegetarian, because while vegetarians are beneficial to the health of the blood vessels, vegetarians have other adverse effects on the body.

Therefore, it is still recommended that people “match the prime.”

Under this blood pressure, patients with high blood pressure and high blood pressure should eat less meat, but pay attention to supplementing high-quality animal proteins such as eggs and milk.

銆€銆€Adolescents who are in a long body, a long intellectual period, and women in pregnancy should appropriately increase the intake of animal foods, so that they and their normal development.

In addition, those military sports, hard and heavy work, mental workers, should be complemented by animal food as a “power” to ensure sufficient energy.

銆€銆€Related survey: A comparative study of 90 vegetarian women aged over 70 in Hong Kong and 90 non-vegetarian women found that vegetarians had elevated blood cholesterol levels, which led to a significant reduction in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

銆€銆€Another survey was conducted for people with African-American hypertension who observed fruit and vegetables as the main diet for 8 weeks and found that the subjects’ blood triglycerides, total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein plasma were significantly reduced.

Explain that a simple fruit and vegetable diet does reduce cardiovascular risk.

銆€銆€鈻燬mall link vegetarians should pay attention to calcium and calcium as a key element to keep the body working properly. Vegetarians can’t get calcium supplements from meat, and because they basically don’t replace dairy products, they can’t get the necessaryCalcium.

Therefore, it is recommended that vegetarians, if possible, refuse to reject the right amount of dairy products.

銆€銆€In addition, regular consumption of soy milk, eating soy beans, broccoli, calcium fortified juice and cereals can play an important role in the supplementation of calcium esters.

The secret of finding the charm of the legs after childbirth


The secret of finding the charm of the legs after childbirth

Some people say that the most beautiful season for women’s legs is the age of 18-23, because the legs can show the most beautiful curve at this time.

This statement is somewhat reasonable.

The girl of about 20 years old is mature, her legs are full, slender, round, tight, and she will get married in a few years. She will be pregnant, and after she has given birth, her legs will be exhausted, and the past will disappear.The impression that is polished and cultivated at a glance.

In the cold season, these women can still cover their coats and trousers. In the summer, it is inevitable that they will be exposed.

銆€銆€The reason why the legs after a certain pregnancy have such a drastic change, mostly due to the uterus compression during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy, the venous torsion of the lower extremities is blocked.

In this way, the pregnancy edema with different degrees of formation is caused, the interstitial water is increased, and the skin of the legs is tight. When the edema is reduced, only the skin is relaxed; and the varicose veins of the lower extremities are caused, and the intravenous injection is improved after delivery, but it is difficult.Return to the pre-pregnancy level, combined with shortening the time after birth, the bed is more varicose veins, so that the blue veins twisted in the superficial.

At the same time, because of the movement during pregnancy and the postpartum period, the muscles of the legs are atrophied and gradually filled with misfortune.

銆€銆€How to restore the maternal legs to a natural style?

Here are two effective maintenance methods: one is the use of elastic bandages or medical elastic stockings after delivery, which is the maintenance method for most alternatives.

It can compress the veins of the lower extremities, shrink blood to the heart, thereby eliminating or relieving symptoms such as swelling and pain in the lower extremities.

In the later stages of pregnancy, the use of this method to care for the legs also reduces the degree of edema.

銆€銆€The second is to do two-legged aerobics after childbirth.

On the 5th day after delivery to the full moon, you can exercise your legs properly to exercise your leg muscles and improve the venous return of the lower extremities.

Sitting on the ground during exercise, the two lower limbs are straight; then lying on the back, the two lower limbs are straight and slightly separated, the two arms are placed on both sides of the body, the left foot is straight when inhaling, the toe is raised at right angles to the upper body, and the two feet are alternately.

銆€銆€Aerobics is suitable for women who have normal delivery.

Because the maternal physique is mostly virtual, it is necessary to exercise according to your own physical condition during exercise, and you must not be too hasty.

Do 2-3 minutes per session, once in the morning and evening, especially pay attention to the coordination of breathing and exercise during exercise.

After the full moon, various muscle groups can be exercised to restore the strength of the thigh muscles, elasticity, suitable movements such as jogging, flexion and extension of the legs, swimming and so on.

Liushen Pill for the treatment of ENT diseases


Liushen Pill for the treatment of ENT diseases

The treatment of toothache Liushen Pill is effective for the treatment of pulpitis, toothache caused by dental caries and infection.

Method: Take 1 or 2 capsules of Liushen Pills, dissolve them and apply them on the surface of the gums of the painful teeth once a day, usually no more than 3 days.

銆€銆€To treat periodontal disease, first remove the calculus, rinse the periodontal bag with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and then take Liushen Pill 1?
10 capsules were packed in periodontal pockets, 1 or 2 times a day.

After 5 times of general medication, the pain is reduced, the swelling is reduced, the periodontal pocket becomes shallow or disappears, and the loosening of the teeth is obviously improved.

銆€銆€The treatment of deciduous pulp inactivated deciduous teeth is often treated with arsenious acid, but it has poor safety, large reaction and many complications.

The treatment of deciduous pulp inactivation with Liushen Pill instead of nitrite is very effective.

Method: First remove the humus in the cavity, rinse dry, take 2 tablets of Liushen Pill into the exposed pulp, temporarily seal with gutta-percha or clove oil zinc oxide paste, and remove the coronary artery for dry pulp after 5 days without pain.
銆€銆€Prevention of dry trough disease First, the Liushen Pill is ground into a fine powder and placed in a clean glass bottle for use.

In use, the Liushen pill is inserted into the alveolar socket of the extraction tooth to prevent dry socket.

180 patients were observed and all received satisfactory results.

銆€銆€Treatment of submandibular gland inflammation with Liushen Pill in the treatment of 87 patients with submandibular gland inflammation, the effect is significant.

Method: Take Liushen Pill orally, 3 times a day, 10 capsules each time.

3 days is a course of treatment.

General medication 1-2 courses can be cured.

銆€銆€Treatment of stomatitis first with berberine, licorice, and other portions of decoction on behalf of the tea mouth, take Liushen pill size of 30-60 tablets (depending on the size of the ulcer surface) research into very fine, externally blow ulcer wounds, 2 times a day, generally5-6 ulcers can converge.

For thrush, first use the scorpion leaves to soak the juice for half a day.
Use a hand wrapped gauze to wipe off the white film in the mouth, and then use Liushen Pill (as above).

It can be cured by taking 3-4 times of medication.

銆€銆€Treatment of otitis media with Liushen Pill 3 tubes (90 capsules), boring 6 grams, 3 grams of borneol, a total of research into a very fine, filled with a clean bottle sealed for use.

When using, first use a cotton swab to dry the affected ear pus, then blow the end of the drug into the ear with a straw, once a day.

One patient recovered after 5 doses and did not repeat for about 2 years.