Netflix’s Q1 estimated user surge, CEO said growth or interest rates in the second half of the year

Netflix’s Q1 estimated user surge, CEO said growth or interest rates in the second half of the year
Benefiting from the online entertainment projects brought about by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Netflix (Naifei) saw a large increase in users in the first quarter, with a net added value of 15.8 million, far higher than the market forecast of 8.47 million.On April 22, Netflix released its quarterly audited financial report for the first quarter of this year, and the company achieved revenue of 57 in Q1.500 million US dollars, an annual increase of 27.6%, slightly lower than market expectations 57.6.2 billion US dollars; net profit reached 7.USD 0.9 billion, an increase of 106% a year, slightly lower than market expectations7.$ 4.2 billion.After the financial report was issued, Netflix’s after-hours reached an increase of more than 11%, but the final increase narrowed to 0.18%.As of April 22, Netflix expects a rise of 34 this year.08%, far surpassing other Internet companies.In the earnings conference call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that in the first quarter, the user was considered to be ahead of the growth of the whole year ahead, and he expected the third quarter of this yearIn the fourth quarter, Netflix’s membership growth rate will not be as great as last year.Q1 membership increases or advances overdraft in the future. Due to the impact of the new coronary disease, many countries in Europe and the United States have implemented closure orders or home orders, resulting in a substantial increase in users’ time at home.Benefiting from this, Netflix achieved rapid user growth in the first quarter, a surge of 15.8 million in a single quarter, almost a pair expected by Wall Street investors.From the perspective of operators, Netflix found users in North America re-entered the growth track, with a net increase of 230 in the first quarter.70,000, while the net increase in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is 695.60,000, upstream and Asia-Pacific region increased by 2.9 million and 360, respectively.20000.However, Netflix expects to gradually restore control through the epidemic worldwide, and the company ‘s supplementary membership growth will improve in the second quarter. The net value-added of the member is expected to be 7.5 million in the second quarter. Netflix said that this number will be changed to various aspects.Factors, including when users can return to normal life and the progress of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, etc.Greg Peters, chief product officer of Netflix, said that in January and February of this year, it was found that the size of users has returned to the level before the price increase, but the company has not considered continuing to increase prices at the moment, just want to be extremely focusedGuarantee the company’s services.He also mentioned that the estimated user growth in the first quarter is equivalent to the company’s original goal of one year, so it is found that user growth may occur in the second half of the year.For the second quarter performance expectations, Netflix said the company’s revenue will reach 60.$ 4.8 billion, an annual increase of 22.8%, the net profit will reach 8.The total number of users of the global streaming service is estimated to be 1 billion USD.903.6 billion people, a 10-year increase of 25.6%.The epidemic did not affect the release of this year’s episode, but the epidemic also had a potential impact on Netflix.Affected by the global economic environment, the sharp appreciation of the US dollar in the first quarter caused Netflix ‘s international income to be dragged down. Taking Brazil as an example, the exchange rate change has replaced the growth of local users.In addition, in terms of production, except for a few countries such as South Korea and Iceland, almost all shooting has been stopped globally. Netflix said this is devastating to millions of workers in the TV and film industry, but the companyThis year’s episodes and movies have basically been made, and remote post-production is currently underway around the world. Netflix will definitely not change the release date of each episode of this year. The current concern is next year’s program schedule.Netflix CFO Spencer Neumann said on the conference call that in the past economic recession, people are more willing to stay at home and enjoy family entertainment, which is why in the past few decadesIt is almost stable, and it can even be said to be a bit anti-economic cycle, but the new crown epidemic is a completely different event. No one has experienced a similar situation. It is difficult to judge the impact of the economic recession on the purchasing power of global consumers.He mentioned that the company’s cash flow is currently not affected by the new crown epidemic, but due to the suspension of production, the company will experience an increase in content costs, so this year’s free cash flow is expected to be negative 1 billion US dollars or less, but repeated in 2019It is the peak of Netflix’s annual free cash flow deficit, and through more content substitution, the company maintains a positive free cash flow status.Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Xu Chao proofreading Liu Jun

[Fresh shrimp pizza]_Fresh shrimp pizza_How to_Practice

Cosmopolitan Entertainment Co., Ltd. Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Cobalt Coconut Coconut Cocoon Coconut Cocoon Coconut Cocoon Coconut Cocoon Coconut Cocoon Coconut Cocoa Cocoon鍏诉讼叮鐨勮瘽鍙互鍙傝€冭繖浜涙柟娉曞姩鎵嬪埗浣溿€? 涓€銆侀矞铏炬姭钀ㄧ殑鍋氭硶姝ラ 鎶惃鏉愭枡锛氶珮绛嬬矇銆佸共閰垫瘝銆佹俯姘撮ゼ鍧埗浣滐細1銆佸皢骞查叺姣嶅€掑叆娓╂按涓紝鎼呮媽鍧囧寑銆?銆佸皢閰垫瘝姘村垎娆″€掑叆闈㈢矇涓紝杈瑰拰闈㈢矇杈圭紦缂撳姞鍏ャ€傚拰鎴愭煍杞厜婊戝拰闈㈠洟锛What’s going on?銆侀潰鍥㈠彂鑷充袱鍊嶅ぇ锛岀涓€鍙戦叺瀹屾垚銆?銆佹尋鍑洪潰鍥㈤噷澶氫綑鐨勭┖姘旓紝杩涜绗簩娆″彂閰点€?銆佸彂閰垫垚鍔燂紝灏嗛潰鍥㈡挅鎴愬渾褰㈤潰鐨€? 浜屻€佹姭钀ㄩ鏂欙細 椹嫃閲屾媺濂堕叒銆佺暘鑼勬矙鍙搞€侀矞铏俱€侀潚绾㈡銆佺伀鑵胯偁銆佹磱钁便€佸ザ閰墖銆佸ザ閰潡銆佸煿鏍硅皟鍛虫枡锛氶粦鑳℃銆佹﹦姒勬补銆佸埗浣滐細1銆佸皢闈掔孩妞掋€佹磱钁卞垏涓濓紝铏惧鍓栨垚鐩歌繛鐨勪袱鍗婏紝鍒囨垚灏忓潡銆?銆佹涓濄€佹磱钁变笣銆侀矞铏剧墖銆佸皯璁搁粦鑳℃銆佸€掑叆灏戦噺姗勬娌癸紝鎷屽寑锛岃厡鍒剁墖鍒汇€?Do you think?銆 佺 儰 绠 has been around?00搴︼紝鍑嗗涓€涓壒钀ㄧ儰鐩橈紝鍒蜂笂钖勮杽鐨勬﹦姒勬补銆?銆侀摵鍏ユ挅濂界殑闈㈢毊锛岀敤澶ф媷鎸囧皢闈㈢毊鍥涘懆鎹讳竴涓嬶紝浣垮洓鍛ㄥ钩鏁磋创鍜屻€?Do you know what you are doing? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?銆佸潎鍖€鐨勫埛涓€灞傜暘鑼勬矙鍙搞€?銆 佺 爜 Juan Lou 灴 灞 傰 閰  浔 銆?銆佸啀鐮佷竴灞傚煿鏍广€?What is the effect of the sound effect?You can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t change it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.ザ閰枫€傜儰鍒讹細鍏ョ儰绠变笂涓嬬伀銆?00搴︺€佷腑灞傘€?0 鍒 嗛 挓 鍗 冲劲 銆?

[Drink Tieguanyin getting angry]_Tieguanyin_Action_Benefits

[Drink Tieguanyin getting angry]_Tieguanyin_Action_Benefits

Tieguanyin belongs to oolong tea in the tea category. It is neutral. For some friends who are hot, Tieguanyin has the effect of reducing fire, so drinking Tieguanyin will not get angry.

Tieguanyin also contains carbonyl polyphenols, which have a good effect on aging and anti-cancer.

Tieguanyin is not only fragrant and delicious, it is a natural and delicious drink, but also its health care function is also outstanding in tea.

Modern medical research shows that in addition to the health functions of general tea, Tieguanyin also has anti-aging and anti-cancer effects.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Anti-aging.

The polyphenols in Tieguanyin can prevent the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the body; purine alkaloids can indirectly replace the role of scavenging free radicals.

Human aging is precisely related to the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and the role of free radicals.

2. Anti-cancer.

Tea can prevent cancer and cancer has been recognized by the world, and in tea, the best anti-cancer effect is Tieguanyin.

3. Weight loss and bodybuilding.

Tieguanyin contains a large amount of tea polyphenols, which can not only improve the effect of slightly decomposing enzymes, but also promote the metabolic activity of neutral accidental enzymes in tissues.

In fact, improving Tieguanyin can improve the body shape of obese people, and effectively reduce the subcutaneous aunt and waist circumference.

4. Caries.

Tieguanyin contains abundant fluorine, and the fluoride contained in it is about 40%?
80% dissolved in boiling water, it is easy to combine with the calcium in the teeth, forming a layer of calcium fluoride on the surface of the teeth, preventing the effect of corrosive acid and anti-caries.

5, clear heat and reduce fire.

Tieguanyin’s tea soup contains tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectin, vitamins, etc., and it is easy to chemically react with saliva in the mouth, which helps to moisturize the mouth and promote thirst.

6, refreshing and thinking.

The caffeine in Tieguanyin has the functions of exciting the central nervous system, enhancing thinking and improving efficiency.

Therefore, drinking Tieguanyin tea can break asleep, refresh, annoy, relieve tiredness, sober the mind, and enhance thinking.

Shentong Express (002468) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Significant Effect of Repurchase Transshipment Center, Profits Continue to High Growth

Shentong Express (002468) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Significant Effect of Repurchase Transshipment Center, Profits Continue to High Growth

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 170.

1.3 billion, an increase of 34 in ten years.

41%; realized net profit of 20.

49 ppm, an increase of 37 in ten years.

73%, deducting non-net profit 17.

20 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.

12% . Comments: Business scale: The company completed packaging volume 51 in the reporting period.

1.2 billion pieces, an increase of 31 in ten years.

13%, 34 of which were completed in the second half of the year.

6.8 billion, an increase of 38 in ten years.

44%, accounting for 67 of the expected parcel volume.

84%; single ticket price is 3.

33 yuan / piece, 0 for ten years.

1 yuan / piece, single ticket cost 2.

79 yuan / piece, 0 for ten years.

18 yuan / piece; the company’s courier business gross margin is 16.

24%, an annual decrease of 11.

99 units.

It can be polished. Although the company is growing rapidly on the revenue side, the industry competition is still very fierce, leading to a decline in gross profit margin.

The repurchase work of transshipment centers continued to advance.

By the end of 2018, the company had 2,233 independent 成都桑拿网 outlets, an increase of 20 each year.

96%; In 18 years, the company increased the repurchase work of transshipment centers, and repurchased 15 transshipment centers from franchisees. By the end of 2018, it had 68 transshipment centers, of which only 8 were non-self-operated.

The acquisition of the transshipment center is an important change in the “one game” strategy of continuing the merger of the company’s transit layout, which helps the company to strengthen the standardized construction, standardized operation and refined management of the transshipment center, and comprehensively improve the technological development and sorting timeliness of the transshipment center.

The cold chain is starting, and the higher gross margin is worth looking forward to.

In terms of cold chain, in 2018 the company established a cold chain subsidiary, Shanghai Shenxue, and began to enter the cold chain field. It has now covered Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo, and the average cold storage utilization rate has reached 84.

25%, the cold chain business realized income of 7.39 million yuan, accounting for a relatively small but gross margin reached 44.

55%, far higher than the main express delivery business, and future development is worth looking forward to.

Sell Fengchao and hug Ali.

1) The purchase and sale of shares in Fengchao in June 18 increased the profit after tax2.

9.8 billion, marking one of the cooperation notices with SF in smart express cabinets; 2) Ali Yi 46.

600 million shares in Shentong will indirectly hold 14.

65% equity, as the most important customer of express delivery, the stake in Shentong will help it better connect with the rookie platform, and it is also an important alternative for Ali to improve its own logistics network. Shentong is also expected to obtain more from AliSingle amount.

Considering that the company may continue to seize the market by reducing unit prices in 19 years, and the possible short-term impact of performance by the expansion of the cold chain, but the expansion of scale and scale effects will translate into performance, which is beneficial to profits after 2020.Revise the profit forecast for 2020 and increase the profit forecast for 2021, and forecast net profit for 2019-2021 to be 22 respectively.

3.5 billion, 29.

8.1 billion, 38.

2.4 billion (originally 23 in 2019 and 2020).

7.8 billion, 28.

8.6 billion), corresponding EPS is 1.46 yuan, 1.

95 yuan, 2.

50 yuan, corresponding to PE is 18 times, 13 times, 10 times; target price of 37.

2 yuan unchanged, maintain BUY rating.

Risk reminder: The scale of the macro economy and the decline in online shopping will reduce the express delivery volume.

Guangzhou Restaurant (603043) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Results Meet Expectations, Save External Business and Maintain High Growth

Guangzhou Restaurant (603043) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Results Meet Expectations, Save External Business and Maintain High Growth

Event: Guangzhou Restaurant released the third quarter report of 2019, and the company achieved revenue of 24 in the first three quarters of 2019.

09 billion / + 19.

60%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

25 billion / + 9.

12%; net profit after deduction to mother 3.

11 billion / + 7.

88%, non-recurring gains and 杭州夜网论坛 losses of 14.36 million were mainly due to changes in accounting estimates and investment income from wealth management products.

In Q3, the company achieved revenue of 14.

5.7 billion / + 19.

19%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

6.1 billion / + 8.

86%, net profit after returning to mother 2.

59 ppm / + 10.


  Opinion: Revenue: The company’s revenue and profit growth rates are in line with expectations, and various businesses are developing in a balanced manner.

In terms of different industries, the mooncake / quick-frozen food / other food / catering business achieved revenue of 10 respectively.

6.3 billion / 3.

9.9 billion / 4.

22 billion / 4.

9.9 billion, with annual growth of 17% / 31% / 24% / 14%, respectively, these businesses are in line with expectations.

The mooncake business can still maintain a growth rate of nearly 20% under the severe difficulties of the industry, which shows the company’s leading character.

Expenses: Sales expense rate 26.

35% /-1.

04pct, management expense ratio 9.

70% / + 1.

18pct, R & D expense ratio 1.

79% / + 0.

67%, financial expense ratio -0.

80% / + 0.

02pct, the decline in sales expense ratio indicates that the company’s brand value is increasing, and the increase in management expenses is mainly due to the increase in labor costs and distribution incentive costs.

Profitability: The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is 54.

34% /-0.

59pct, net interest rate 13.

45% /-1.

36 points.

Advance receipts: The growth rate of advance receipts is a leading indicator of the company’s performance growth.

The growth rate of the company’s advance receipts in 19Q3 was -23.

2%, single-quarter revenue is expected to increase slightly in 19Q4.As Q4 revenue accounts for a relatively small proportion, it is expected that the company’s scale revenue growth will be about 19%.

  In terms of channels: the company’s direct sales revenue is 10.

9.3 billion / + 17.

05%, distribution income is 12.

90 billion / + 22.


Regionally: the company’s revenue in Guangdong is 18.

7.1 billion / + 14.

50%, the income outside Guangdong is 4.

8.4 billion / + 43.

94%, the company’s business outside the province still maintained rapid growth.

In terms of dealers: As of 19Q3, the number of dealers in the company’s Guangdong Province was 434 / + 15.

12%, the number of dealers outside Guangdong Province was 207 / + 21 chain.

05%, the expansion of dealers outside the province accelerated.

  The growth of the company’s food manufacturing business results from price increases + production capacity releases + expansion outside the province, and the catering business performance growth comes from newly opened stores + rising turnover.

Release of production capacity: The mooncakes at Xiangtan Factory were put into production, and the national market was deepened.

In August 2019, the mooncake business of the Likou Fuxiangtan plant was officially put into production. It is expected that the capacity of the Xiangtan plant will be quickly frozen, and the production capacity of wax flavor will be released by June 2020.

Likoufu Guangzhou and Likoufu Meizhou food production base will gradually reach output in 2022. Mooncake, frozen food, wax flavor, and other new capacity are expected to reach zero.

62, 3.


0, 1.

4 years.

Expansion outside the province: The business outside the province maintained a high growth rate, and the expansion of dealers outside the province accelerated.

The company actively expanded its business outside the province. As of 19Q3, the company’s income outside the province maintained a high growth rate of 44%. The number of dealers outside the province was 207, an increase of 21 from the previous month.

05%, higher than the number of dealers in the province, business expansion outside the province is smooth.

New stores opened: The company plans to add 1-2 new stores every year, and it will gradually release its performance.

  Investment suggestion: In the context of rapid macro growth, the company, as a food and catering company, has a countercyclical nature.

  The company’s growth path is clear, the logic is gradually realized, and it has long-term configuration significance.

It is estimated that the company’s total operating 南京桑拿网 income for 2019-2021 will be 30.

45 billion / 36.

19 billion / 42.

9.8 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 4.

2.8 billion / 4.

9.2 billion / 5.

9.3 billion, corresponding to PE is 30 times / 26 times / 21 times.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk warning: food safety risks; economic downside risks; capacity expansion is not up to expectations

Hailan House (600398): Industry Leader Maintains Steady Growth in First Half of Results, Expects Acceleration in Second Half

Hailan House (600398): Industry Leader Maintains Steady Growth in First Half of Results, Expects Acceleration in Second Half

The company announced the semi-annual report of 019 with operating income of 107.

21 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

07%, net profit attributable to mother 21.

25 ppm, a ten-year increase2.


The revenue growth of the main brand Hailan Home accelerated in the first half of the year, the channel expansion steadily promoted the sub-brand view, and the revenue of the main brand Hailan Home increased in the first half.

28 ppm, an increase of 5 in ten years.

05%, iju rabbit revenue 5.

470,000 yuan, an increase of -9 in ten years.

79%, San Keno’s professional service revenue was 9.

36 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

88%, revenue from other brands3.

08 million yuan, an increase of 993 in ten years.


In the second quarter, the above-mentioned brands increased by 9 in each quarter.

30%, -23.

57%, 14.

52% and 892.


Among them, the rapid revenue growth of the main brand mainly benefited from the improved cost-effectiveness of the products and the good sales of the new IP cooperation models. Aijutu was affected by the overall sluggishness of women’s clothing and channel adjustments, and San Keno maintained steady growth.

In terms of channels, the number of Hailan House stores in the first half of the year was 5,449, Ijutu 1,241, and other brands 1,050, which increased by 152 earlier, decreased by 40, and increased by 83.

The company’s gross profit margin and period expense ratio increased slightly in the first half of the year, and its operating indicators remained stable.

67%, compared with 40 in the same period last year.


By brand, the gross profit margin of the main brand is 44.

56%, love the rabbit 12.

50%, San Keno 48.

55%, other brands 24.

93%, compared with 42 in the same period last year.

09%, 29.

04%, 50.

59% and 49.


The increase in the gross profit margin of the main brand was mainly due to the rapid increase in direct-operated stores. The decline in the gross profit margin of Aiju Rabbit was mainly due to discounts on sales pressure. The decline in gross profit margin of other brands was mainly due to new brand variables and the inventory of boys ‘and girls’ children’s clothing brands that were increased by 2018Caused by.

The company’s expense ratio during the first half of the year was 14.

84%, 12 in the same period last year.


The increase in period expenses was mainly due to the increase in direct-operated stores, increased depreciation after the construction of the project was converted, and the increase in employee compensation brought by the new brand.The company’s inventory turnover days and accounts receivable turnover days in the first half of the year were 264 days and 12 days, respectively, compared with 262 days and 10 days in the same period last year, which remained basically stable.

Net operating cash flow of the company in the first half of the year.

99 ‰, a decline of 40 a year.

68%, mainly due to the increase in other external operating transactions.

EPS for 2019-2021 are expected to be 0.

82 yuan / share, 0.

89 yuan / share, 0.

At 97 yuan / share, we are optimistic that the company’s net profit growth attributable to mothers will accelerate in the second half of the year. The main brand is expected to 天津夜网 maintain steady growth. The increase in income caused by convertible bonds will weaken due to bases.

With reference to the average PE of a comparable company in 2019, the company is given 13 times PE in 2019, with a reasonable value of 10.

66 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks remind the risk of the backlog of terminal inventory; extreme weather affects the risk of clothing sales; the risk of new brand cultivation;

Five major fruit thin body five parts


Five major fruit thin body five parts

People who lose weight are all trying to get rid of the aunts in all parts of the body.

The rounded face is thinned into a small face; the waist of the bucket is turned into a small waist; the elephant legs are made into sexy slender legs; the “lifebuoy” is turned into a lower abdomen;Become a skinny fiber back, recommend different fruits for different parts of the small series to make you thin enough.

銆€銆€Eating fruits and vegetables to lose weight is a natural way to lose weight. This natural way to lose weight is both healthy and effective.

The effect of the original fruit and vegetable weight loss is targeted. Now we introduce five kinds of fruits and vegetables that are different in different parts of the body, so that the weight loss mm can be targeted to lose weight, and the weight loss effect will be better.

銆€銆€The thinnest face vegetable – celery body: 11 kcal (100 g edible portion) A large celery contains about 4-5 calories, but chewing it requires 5-8 calories, and it needs to enter the stomach.A speed of about 5 calories.

In this way, the amount of digested celery required exceeds the transparency provided by itself. It is really called “the more you eat, the thinner it is!”

銆€銆€Reasons for weight loss: celery: There are Pinggan blood pressure, calming and soothe the nerves, diuretic swelling, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, nourishing and nourishing. The crude fiber in celery can also help the peristalsis, detoxification and beauty.

However, the spleen and stomach are cold, the intestines are not solid, and those with low blood pressure should eat less celery.

銆€銆€Recommended to eat – celery fried lily material: 200 grams of celery, fresh lily 140 grams (dry lily is also OK), 鏋告潪 10 tablets, salt amount, a small amount of chicken, oil 2 tablespoons (about 30ml) practices: fresh lily to the oldPeel and pedicle, dismantled and washed, celery to old gluten, washed, obliquely cut into pieces, simmered with water, drained for use.

The celery is added to the boiling water, and the fish is quickly added to the ice water and drained for use.

Heat the wok, add the oil, heat to 50%, and stir fry in celery.

Add the lily and stir fry quickly until the lily is slightly transparent.

Add the wok with the stir-fry, add the salt, and season the chicken.

銆€銆€The thinnest waist fruit – strawberry change: 30 big card (100 grams of edible part) strawberry does not seem to appear in the “pioneer team” of fruit and vegetable weight loss, can reduce the waist “swim ring” is its most powerful!

Beckham’s wife Victoria is the beneficiary of the strawberry thin waist.

This is all due to the magical substance called aspartic acid contained in strawberries.

It can naturally remove excess water from the waist, slowly dissolve the aunts accumulated in the waist, help the body to eliminate fat and detoxification, and help you easily become a small “waist” essence.

銆€銆€Reasons for weight loss: Strawberries are popular in countries such as Turkey, and together with Beckham’s wife, Victoria, advertises that he has succeeded in losing weight through strawberry slimming.

From now on, in the eyes of many fashion MMs, strawberries are no longer just fruits in the general sense, but become the sweet slimming baby in the spring of sisters.

As the weather gets warmer, the cute strawberries are dressed in glamorous and freshly marketed!

On this sweet strawberry spring day, sisters, let us kick off the slimming prologue!

銆€銆€Strawberries, also known as cranberries, poplars, and raspberries, are the general term for the genus Fragaria, and there are 50 species in the world.

Strawberries are native to Europe and met expectations in the 20th century.

Strawberry is a perennial herb whose fruit grows from the receptacle to become a fleshy fruit, which is different from the development of ovary in general.

Its appearance is heart-shaped, fresh and tender, juicy and juicy, sweet and sour, rich in flavor, both color, and pleasant aroma that is not found in ordinary fruits. It is a rare color, aroma and taste in fruits.Therefore, it is often praised as a queen of fruit.

銆€銆€Strawberry is rich in nutrients and contains fructose, sucrose, citric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, amino acids and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin C is very rich, containing 60 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of strawberries.

The carotene contained in the strawberry is an important substance for the synthesis of vitamin A, and has the function of improving eyesight and nourishing the liver.

Strawberry also contains pectin and rich supplemental fiber to help digestion and smooth stool.

The nutrients of strawberries are easily digested and absorbed by the human body. They will not be cold or get angry if they are eaten. They are healthy foods for all ages.

銆€銆€The most stovepipe fruit and vegetable – white radish metabolism: 21 calories (100 grams of edible portion) is like a camel’s hump to store nutrients for the body, the thigh is also the body’s storage of energy (energy food) in case of emergency”, so it is especially easy to accumulate.”

Sisters who suffer from it, eat more white radish!

It contains a spicy component of mustard oil (oil food), which promotes the metabolism of trace substances, and the function of 鈥渁voiding unfortunate accumulation under the skin鈥?is not comparable to fruits and vegetables!

It is best to deal with thighs.

銆€銆€Reasons for weight loss: Recommended weight loss sacred white radish is a kind of radish, which is the fresh root of the radish radish.

Radish one, two years old herb.

Root fleshy, oblong, spherical or conical, root bark green, white, pink or purple.

The root is for consumption, and the raw radish contains amylase, which helps digestion and metabolism of a few kinds of foods, and prevents the accumulation of the aunt’s aunt.White radish also has the effect of aerating and promoting defecation.

White radish is one of the very good weight loss foods.

Enhance the body’s immune function: radish is rich in vitamin C and trace element zinc, which helps to enhance the body’s immune function and improve disease resistance; help digestion: mustard oil in radish can promote peristalsis, increase appetite, help digestion; help nutritionAbsorption of substances: Amylase in radish can decompose starch in food, and make it fully absorbed. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: Radish contains lignin, which can increase the vitality of macrophages and engulf particles.

In addition, a variety of enzymes contained in radish can decompose carcinogenic nitrite and have anti-cancer effects.

銆€銆€The most thin-bellied fruits and vegetables – tomato body: 19 big cards (100 grams of edible parts) often see some girls, from the back to see the waist and legs, can be seen from the side: Wow!

How can there be a small belly in front? This is not a blame. This is often because there is too much waste in the interior.

At this time, it is necessary to go to the super-powerful tomato!

The dietary fiber caused by it can absorb excess impurities inside and excrete oil and toxins from the body.

Eating a tomato before a meal can prevent adults from being absorbed by the intermediates, so that you no longer have the trouble of a small belly.

銆€銆€Reasons for weight loss: Recent research shows that tomatoes have a more obvious effect on slimming and beauty. The lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin components in tomato can reduce absorption, reduce a small amount of accumulation, and supplement multivitamins to keep the body.Balanced nutrition.

銆€銆€Lycopene in tomato belongs to a natural pigment and is a member of the carotenoid family.

銆€銆€Lycopene can protect plants from the pollution of sunlight. The lycopene can exert antioxidant effects in the human body and eliminate free radicals, which are the culprit of human diseases and aging.

The human body does not make lycopene, and the lycopene supplement can help the body fight various diseases caused by free radicals. Supplementing antioxidants can reduce the incidence of diseases and enhance physical strength and endurance.

The effect of lycopene on scavenging free radicals is double that of other carotenoids, and a hundred times more vitamin E.

Tomatoes, watermelons and red grapefruits are all red, which is the reason for the inclusion of lycopene. Among these red fruits and vegetables, especially the highest content of lycopene in tomatoes.

銆€銆€The thinnest back fruit – grapefruit transgly: 33 calories (100 grams of edible portion) where the girl wants to be described as “the tiger’s back bear” -!

But the thick back-end and front-end girls are really too many, and the excess meat in this area is particularly difficult to reduce.

In fact, it is much easier to know the reason and then “start”.

The increase in excess meat at the front end is mainly due to the absorption of blood sugar (blood sugar food) in the body and the conversion of robes into adults. Therefore, if you want to lose them, you should start with “sugar”.

At this time, the choice of grapefruit is a perfect fit.

Not only is it extremely low speed, but the special “enzyme” can affect the way the body absorbs sugar, so it can no longer be easily converted into sputum.

銆€銆€Reasons for weight loss: 鈥淕rapefruit Diet鈥?is a weight loss diet that is highly regarded by women in Western countries 30 years ago.

A recent study in the United States found that this diet does have its own unique weight loss benefits.

銆€銆€According to the online edition of New Scientist, the Scripps Nutrition and Metabolism Research Center is about to last for three months. Studies involving 100 obese adults show that half a grapefruit is eaten every day for three meals a day.Lose the average of 3.

6 pounds, the effect can be reduced by more than 10 pounds; and in some, three people who are similar but do not eat grapefruit can only lose 0.

5 pounds.

In addition, drinking grapefruit juice is also good, the average can be reduced by 3.

3 pounds.

銆€銆€Eating grapefruit may also reduce the risk of diabetes, as researchers found that vitamins and glucose levels were reduced in adults in the grapefruit group.

Researchers believe that the enzymes in grapefruit “affect” the way the body uses and absorbs sugar so that sugar is not easily converted into fecal storage.

銆€銆€The report said: “For many years people have been supplementing the grapefruit diet, and some people have even relied on it.

Today, we finally have data to prove that grapefruit does help to lose weight.”

12 ways to live to the limits of human life


12 ways to live to the limits of human life

Have you thought about how to make yourself live longer?

MH has solved this puzzle and can proudly tell you that if you can change your lifestyle as we say, then we can assure you that you can live longer than you think.

hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€绉戝瀹舵棭灏辫杩囷紝浜虹被鐨勫鍛芥瀬闄愭槸160宀併€侽ur argument is that 12 methods will allow you to live more than 109 years.

銆€銆€”Most of us can’t live to the age of the gene ‘designated’,” said Dr. Rosen from London, a world-class authority on longevity.

“Recent decades of research have shown that for most people, behavior and lifestyle have a much greater impact on your life than on genes.
“More recent scientific research on longevity shows that we can help you keep the death away from you.”

Of course, we can’t make you expect to live forever, but we can at least make you live more scientifically and healthier, so that your age will be more than you thought.

銆€銆€However, it should be noted that the doubling of the age we are talking about is not really multiplying your age by two.

What we mean is that you can live much longer than you think.

In fact, as long as you are willing to think of a lot of ways, and do what we say, it will live longer.

For example, doing more difficult calculations in peacetime can make you live more.

5 years old.

These are all proved by scientific experiments.

銆€銆€Going to the beach to get the sun can increase you by 3.

People who are 3 years old who often do not see the sun may be in danger.

A study of emotional disorders in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University has shown that the resulting light can lead to depression or other related problems, resulting in alcohol, suicide, and so on.

Going to the beach for a week of sun will get you out of this dark mood.

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of day-to-day sunshine for 5 days can cure more than half of people with depression.

銆€銆€Drinking milk can increase you: 7.

2 years old milk, needless to say, is a very sensitive topic now.

People are just beginning to pick up the cup again to consider whether they can drink milk.

What MH wants to say is, don’t waste it.

In fact, milk is a very good thing if there is no such thing as melamine.

It is a natural, most nutritious anti-aging and replenishing food for the body.

There have been many clinical experiments to prove that milk has a lot of effects, reducing energy supply, rejuvenating the skin, reducing pain, improving allergies, accelerating physical recovery and uplifting emotions.

銆€銆€Singing praise songs can make you increase: open your eyes at 2 years old and say loudly to the people around you, “You are beautiful.

“If you are sleeping alone, open your eyes and think about the clouds outside, the grass and a group of friends waiting for you happy.”

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that they always repeat a grateful heart to all people and things in their hearts. People who praise others all the time can live happily and live healthily every day.
銆€銆€Laughter can increase you: 10-year-old humor can make you healthier, longer and happier, as shown by a 2006 study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

According to them, people with a sense of humour may be cured or better when they are suffering from a major illness, which is 30% higher than others.

Laughter can produce more protective hormones, regulate blood pressure, change stress, and strengthen the immune system.

Realizing that laughter can bring you so many benefits, let yourself have more laughter, can increase your life expectancy by 8 years.

So, from now on, watch comedy movies, listen to comics, and tell jokes to others.

銆€銆€Frequently measuring blood pressure at home can increase you: 25.

2 years old, don’t wait for the body to really have a problem, then think about it to measure blood pressure.

Nowadays, people usually buy a blood pressure meter to self-test blood pressure at home, instead of going to the hospital as before to let the doctor test.

Just buy the most common wrist pressure gauge and measure it once a month.A person who has relative blood pressure (115/75) usually lives 25 years longer than someone with a relatively high blood pressure (140/90).

Depending on your actual age, if your blood pressure is too high, you must find a way to come down.

The usual method is: exercise regularly, reduce the intake of adults, salt, and alcohol, and don’t play games that are too thrilling, sometimes roller coasters.

銆€銆€Buying a dog to accompany you can increase you: 11.

At the age of 4, having a cat or dog to accompany you can reduce your risk of high blood pressure and stroke, and you can make people who are suffering from severe illness get better soon.

Are you still skeptical?

Let us tell you – according to a study by Dr. Wells of Queen’s University in Belfast, raising a dog can often lower blood pressure and blood pressure. Dogs are compared with those without dogs.People are simply too lucky.

Moreover, raising a dog is more beneficial than raising a cat, because a dog can “force” that you have to go out for a walk every morning and evening, says Becker, MD, author of “Therapeutic Effects of Pets.”

銆€銆€Flossing can make you increase: 6.

4 years

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Of course, things are not particularly bad. Generally speaking, we just have to go to the dentist.

銆€銆€However, according to a study by Dr. Chris, a man with a history of dental disease is 63% more likely to have pancreatic cancer than the average person.

Therefore, he suggested to see doctors two to four times a year.

Yes, it is very expensive to see a dentist, but it is better than cancer, and it can make you live a little more.

銆€銆€Joining the football team can increase your participation in a football team by 11 years old, which can decompress, and thus have a physiological impact, and prevent premature aging.

This kind of organization like a small society is a very good way to effectively decompress you.

A study of 1,400 older men and women in the United States shows that older people with close partners can live longer than ordinary people.

A relatively fixed social circle can make you younger.

5 years old.
Of course, regular exercise can also bring you many benefits, such as maintaining muscle strength, joint flexibility, increased heart function, and increased lung capacity.

So why not spend more time joining a small football team, have the opportunity to communicate with friends, and make your body stronger?

銆€銆€Changing to a country can make you increase: 6.

If you think that the domestic ecological environment is not suitable for life, then you can live in a different country, this kind of Europe.

Of course, on the whole, the European environment is not very ideal. Research conducted by the European Commission shows that air pollution is almost identical to death from traffic accidents.

The average person always thinks that the environment in the UK will be better, but in fact, more than 32,000 people in the UK die each year from air pollution, and thus the life expectancy of people is reduced by an average of one year.

The air in Ireland will be much better, ranking second in Europe, and Finland is the number one.

However, if you really want to live a little, go to the Republic of Andorra in Europe.

There is a country that is really almost free of pollution, where the average life expectancy of people is 83 years old.

銆€銆€Finding a partner for yourself can increase you by 9.

It’s really not a good idea to divorce at 5 and let your other half house be empty.

Your life will be more lonely.

A 2004 study by Rockefeller University in New York showed that divorce accelerated the aging of white blood cells.

At the same time, longevity really needs to be maintained by two people.

“A long-term relationship of love can make you younger.

5 years old,” Dr. Rosen said.

A fixed sexual relationship allows you to enter a balanced and stable state of life.

It is true that the regular sexual relationship and long-term loyalty do not necessarily happen to you, but if you try not to try, how do you know that you do not have such good luck?

銆€銆€Keeping your brain running at high speed can increase you: 4.
The important rule of keeping your mind clear and agile at 6 years old is: Always use it.
Studies have shown that effective protection and strengthening of the nervous system can delay your aging and dementia.

People whose brains are always active and busy are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease than those who are staring at the wall all day.

Regular games, reading, surfing, or learning can keep your brain running at high speed.

銆€銆€Checking the prostate can increase you: 12-year-old prevention is better than cure, and early treatment is better than treatment at the time. These are the words we used to read very early.

But even then, there are still many people who ignore the onset of various possible diseases, and until these complications become a reality, it is already difficult to cure, which is easier for the genetic disease of prostate disease.

“They have been sick for a long time before they go to check the prostate disease. In fact, this disease is the same as diabetes, ED. If you can find early treatment, it should not be a difficult thing to cure, but now there are alreadyMillions of people have prostate disease,” said Dr. Banks, who is the author of the Men’s Handbook.

鈥淧eople who actively seek the right medical care and chronic care can often live 12 years longer than those who don’t take any precautions,鈥?Dr. Russen said.

Act quickly, check early treatment, and let the prostate disease hide far away.

銆€銆€Still want to live longer?

銆€銆€It’s not enough to live 109 years old?

Then try the following method, maybe it will make you immortal.

銆€銆€Freezing yourself up If you are frozen because of an incurable disease, you can be revived after the human cure has developed.

The largest world organization currently doing this research is the Alco Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, where there are already 74 frozen cases, and they only need to pay $150,000 per person.

銆€銆€Build a sperm library.

hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€杩樻湁涓€涓彲浠ヨ浣犵敓鍛藉欢缁殑鏂规硶锛岄偅灏辨槸缁忓父鎬у湴鎹愮簿瀛愩€係perm Bank will deposit your sperm into small bottles or straw straws frozen in liquid nitrogen tanks.

There is no shelf life problem with this kind of sperm, and so far, there have been cases of 20 years of life and health from the sperm bank.

銆€銆€There is another way to make you immortal is to write a book. Your name will always remain in the annals of history. According to statistics, only the British library now has 25 million books.

As a statutory library, the British Library Collection copies all books published in the UK.

Even if you write a book to make your name a good history, look at your own.

銆€銆€Reserve Collagen You can now remove some collagen from the epidermis from your body and place them in the petri dish of the scientists.

When you feel older, let it come out and let the doctor inject it into your body.

When you are old, the lack of collagen can not only lead to “collagen disease”, but also reduce metabolic function, cell plasticity is also attenuated, resulting in atrophy of various organs, decreased elasticity, dry skin and wrinklesWhen dehydration occurs, the boots accelerate aging.

At that time, you definitely need collagen more than you do now.

Six plans for the summer sports must know


Six plans for the summer sports must know

I believe that everyone’s circle of friends has a fitness tens of thousands of steps per day. Looking at the data that is growing every day, is your heart still so calm?

Xiao Bian is indeed “scared”.

We know that exercise is not a one-off event, you need to continue to 365 days without interruption.

Therefore, summer sports still need to pay attention, the following six major concerns should be taboo.

銆€銆€First, avoid the summer sports in the hot sun, people are prone to heatstroke, when the body temperature suddenly rises sharply, and can not be cooled by sweating, headache, dizziness, uncertainty, etc. without accompanying, if the humidity is higher, it is easierHeat stroke has occurred.

Therefore, in the summer exercise must start from a low amount of exercise, starting from a short time, let the body slowly adapt to the hot weather, avoid continuous movement in the hot sun, and timely add water.

銆€銆€Second, avoid heavy drinking of cold drinks. Because of the muscle movement in the body, it will cause redistribution of blood in the body, causing a large amount of blood in the body to flow to the moving muscles and body surface, while the digestive organs are in a relative anemia state.

Because the temperature of the frozen drink is too low, if it is drunk in a large amount at this time, the appetite that is already in a temporary anemia state and the gastric acid concentration is insufficient is excessively strong, and it is easy to damage its physiological function.

If you drink a lot of cold drinks after physical exercise in the summer, the lighter will increase the loss of appetite, and the severe one will gradually lead to acute gastritis, and will cause the root cause of chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer and other diseases.

銆€銆€Third, avoid exercising under strong sunlight. If you exercise regularly in strong sunlight, it will have a bad influence on the body.

Because there is an infrared light in the sun, this kind of light is especially strong in the summer sun. It radiates into the meninges and brain cells through the hair, skin and skull. It is easy to cause complications in the brain and can cause heatstroke.symptom.
Therefore, physical exercise in the summer, it is best to arrange in the morning and after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and the exercise time should not be too long, the amount of exercise should not be too large.

銆€銆€Fourth, pay attention to skin care summer high temperature climate and hot sun have great damage to the skin, you should always clean the skin, use less soap and bath to wash your face to reduce the bad stimulation of the skin, you should also properly add sunscreen skin care products, reduce sun exposureThe adverse effects of the sun, of course, must be prevented from avoiding sports or other activities in the hot sun.

銆€銆€Fifth, choose the right exercise in the summer. Influenced by the scorching sun, many sports are not suitable. Sports enthusiasts can change the time to climb the stairs instead of climbing, take a walk in the morning and evening instead of running, and replace the kick with indoor activities.Football, and so on.

The best summer exercise is swimming, while cooling and cooling, but it is not suitable to swim immediately after sweating. Before and after swimming, you should pay attention to prevent red eye, otitis media, sinusitis, various dermatitis, etc.Swimming in an unsafe place.

銆€銆€Sixth, avoid washing the bathtub immediately after exercise. Because of the hot climate, the sweat is often sweating during the physical exercise. Some people go to the cold shower every time they exercise.

In fact, doing so is harmful to your health.

Because of physical exercise, the metabolism of the whole body is very strong, the body is greatly increased, and the capillaries in the skin are also greatly expanded to facilitate the emission of body heat.

If you take a cold shower immediately after physical exercise, the skin is suddenly stimulated by the cold, causing the capillary to contract suddenly, which is not conducive to the body heat. Although it will feel cool at the moment of taking a cool shower, it will cause people to feel hot afterwards.Resistant.

At the same time, suddenly encountered the cold stimulation may suddenly open the sweat hole on the body surface, it is easy to make people sick.