Nanji Islands escaped to the sea to hide in Taoyuan


Nanji Islands escaped to the sea to hide in Taoyuan

Always eager to see the sea.

銆€銆€The blue, endless sea.

Although Zhejiang is facing the sea, the coast is turbid.

The sea in my mind is to stay away from the coastline and rush to the depths of the sea to see it!

And I am a person who is very afraid of seasickness, so the sea is almost the pain of my heart forever!

銆€銆€Finally, one day, with the repeated encouragement of my husband, I made up my mind to try to overcome the fear of the imaginary wave bumps and started my first trip to the sea.

銆€銆€This time, the destination is Nanxun, a beautiful island 30 nautical miles from the land on the sea outside Pingyang County, Wenzhou.

銆€銆€The passenger ship we took out opened the Lijiang River dock on time. Gradually, the coast was getting farther and farther away from us, and the water surface gradually changed from yellow to blue.

The boat ran smoothly, almost no fluctuations, the sea was rippling, and there was flashing light. During the day, I was sitting on a boat in the West Lake, enjoying the calm water.

This is not the sea boat I imagined. Didn’t it fall down and down, is it called the sea?

I couldn’t sit still, and I went to the bow of the boat. Ah, there was a little ups and downs here. I saw the waves that the boat had stirred up. I finally believed that I was at sea.

I suddenly remembered the uneasiness before, and the seasickness medicine that I swallowed before boarding the ship. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Probably because of the blessing of friend Xiaomei, it is so safe.

銆€銆€The sea is surprisingly calm, and the sea and sky are in the distance. The far island is like floating on the sea, and it is more beautiful under the blue sky and white clouds.

Some arrays, even the islands are gone, there is only a sea of hustle around, there is only one sea level line around, there is no reference object, suddenly there is no direction, the sea surface becomes round, and the sky becomes round.

This is the blue, the endless sea, today, I finally saw it!

The vastness of the sea, my smallness, if there is no personal arrival at sea, how can there be such a profound experience?

銆€銆€After more than an hour of sailing, we finally arrived at the destination – Nanji Islands.

Out of the cabin, my eyes lit up, the island scenery is indeed well-deserved, I saw a few islands around the island, the island is lush, the island is a strange stone; several fishing boats parked in the bay, the floating net stars of the breeding netA little bit; the sea breeze blew a salty smell, the sun was shining on the body, the fishermen enthusiastically greeted the tourists, selling homemade seafood, and the tanned cheeks showed a healthy rosy.

銆€銆€I have a sigh of relief, I am not dreaming, it is really on the island.

銆€銆€When I got to the sea, I realized that the white, rushing waves were only generated when I rushed ashore. That is, I was the most aggressive. I rushed ashore and retreated. Then the second wave rushed back.One wave followed by one wave.

So many people waited in this position to experience the fun of surfing: far away, saw a wave rising, rising above sea level, rushing in and out, “Come on!”

People shouted happily, reminding, preparing, watching the waves become more and more urgent, getting higher and higher, the white waves are up!

Like a myriad of white-haired long-haired poodles in a row, the jumping waves are like their feet running wildly on the water, and the blink of an eye is in sight!

At this time, I deliberately swooped down and looked up the waves. The half-meter-high waves slammed into the ground, and there was a fear of being overturned by the sea. Some people wanted the kind of thrilling excitement!

The rushing waves rushed out of the crowd.

銆€銆€One meter away, I only heard a happy shout, and an excited face just got out of the waves. I hadn’t had time to wipe my face. When I turned back, another wave rushed over!

In this way, people tumbling on the waves, jumping, shouting unscrupulously, what troubles can they not be washed away by this wave?

銆€銆€In the evening, the sun went to the mountains and went to the mountains. Most of the tourists went to the shore, and several small water-based people were rushing for a few round trips.

The daughter is wearing a swimming ring, has been in the sea for an afternoon, still refused to go, I simply sit on the beach, let the waves beat.

A bunch of fishing boats suddenly appeared on the far horizon, and it seemed like a silhouette in the afterglow of the setting sun.

The sky is dark, the waves are getting more and more urgent, and we are reluctant to go ashore.

銆€銆€The food stalls on the shore have been buzzing, and the proprietress greeted me warmly. Let us see the seafood in her big basin, all kinds of shellfish, sea fish, I can’t name it.

Nanxun’s friend Cao Shuji’s special enthusiasm, please ask us to have a seafood dinner. He took us to one of the best places to eat seafood and see the seascape – Nanxun Villa.

Nanxun Mountain Villa is almost on the top of the mountain and walks up the terrace of the villa.

Standing taller here, looking farther, the vision is particularly wide, and the islands that are far and near are all in sight.

The sea in the twilight faded from the beauty of the sun, turned into a piece of ink painting, and the thick green color filled the eyes of my eyes.

The moon is rising!Curved, especially bright, no moon halo, very clear.

Which knight is forgetting his new moon scimitar here?

銆€銆€The sea has no daytime shackles, and it is quiet and mysterious, and the enthusiasm of tourists continues to spread.

There are seven or eight tables on the terrace, the food is strong, the wine is right, only the cups are interlaced and laughter.

Old friends are here too!

The black insects are passionately around us, falling on us, on the head, even on the chopsticks, does it want to have a bite?

The men didn’t care, waving their hands and driving away, the women shouted and jumped and laughed, so lively!

It’s just that my daughter is pitiful. I was besieged by the residents of these hospitable people. I didn’t dare to move when I sat. I hanged my tears. I begged me to take her back with a trembling voice. It’s a pity that I have a table full of seafood and I haven’t eaten a few mouthfuls.
But I am very satisfied. I can taste the seafood, look at the sea, blow the sea breeze, and the hard work of the week in such a pleasant place. I have disappeared at this moment. Although I only sit for a while, I have been intoxicated.

銆€銆€Going back to the room, my daughter was attracted by the Super Girl competition and forgot the troubles of the bug for the time being.

I walked outdoors, looked up, and was shocked. The stars were so close to me, as if they were within reach!

The pieces are huge and bright, like the best diamonds scattered on black velvet, and like countless shiny eyes.

It must be the pure air of the island, so that I can see such a clear night sky.

In the distance, the faint sound of the waves came, and the little insects in the grass suddenly screamed, making the summer nights of the island more and more silent.

This is the night of the island, empty, quiet, transparent, and my heart is pure.

銆€銆€Early the next morning, we went to Sansui to see the reef.

The bus was bumped and smashed on the winding mountain road. The mountain road was very narrow. It was really thrilling when the two cars met. The drivers on the island had long been familiar with these roads, so the speed was fast.

On the edge of the island, the three plates are surrounded by reefs and have different forms. They have evolved many myths, “Sun Monkeys worship Guanyin”, “Zheng Cheng successfully test swords”, “Pandas listen to the sea”.

It is more and more like watching.

What’s more interesting is that on the hillside, there are rounded reefs on the top of the mountain. Is the previous sea level higher than the current level, so the reef is washed here?

Or was the former Nanxun Island sinking under the sea and gradually rising to keep the reef on the top of the mountain?

The grotesque reef inspires people’s imagination. When you are tired, you can rest on the big lawn and look up at the blue sky and white clouds; or one can hide behind the reef and listen to the sound of the waves quietly.

銆€銆€The reef path by the sea is the most beautiful place, with cliffs on one side and the sea on one side. The road is narrow and only one person can pass, but there is no railing.

To say that it is the road, in fact, is to walk on the reef, there is almost no trace of artificial paving, only in the most dangerous places, will be carved a few steps on the stone to avoid slipping.

The reefs are rugged, the roads are rugged, the scenery is really beautiful, the reefs are scattered to the sea, the places that have been washed away by the waves all the year have turned black, and the bare under the sun is dazzling white.

The stones on the beach are round, and the touch of the sea has changed their original appearance; the stones on the shore are still sharp and angular, and the mottled body embodies the texture of the rock.

銆€銆€In the end, the path is a small dock at Sanpanwei. Cao Shuji specially arranged for us to take a speedboat tour around the island. This is a special place that ordinary tourists can’t enjoy.

The speedboat sailed away from the island like an arrow from the string, and traced it to the bird island not far away.

Bird Island is one of the southern islands. It is home to a variety of seabirds. It is a protected island. Visitors can only watch the island and cannot go to the island.

The speedboat quickly approached the bird island and slowly slowed down, letting us experience the most natural scenery here.

A group of birds were frightened, fluttering and fluttering, hovering over the surface of the sea; more birds stopped resting on the reef without paying attention to our interruptions.

We quickly put out a variety of POSE, to freeze this beautiful moment.

銆€銆€This is the last place we visited on the island. Everyone was a little reluctant. I stood on the deck and looked around greedily. I wanted to put all this beauty into my eyes and imprint it in my heart.

The boat accelerated, the deck began to sway, and the captain told everyone to return to the cabin, but I did not want to go back, to experience the stimulation of this last sea.

There is no wind at sea. Because of the speeding of the speedboat, the wind is strong. I hold the railing tightly and stand up against the wind. All my hair flies backwards, and there is only a whistling wind in my ear.

The blue sea, the blue sky, the white clouds, and the sun-baked people.

銆€銆€When the passenger ship back to the Lijiang River sailed downwind, it was smoother and smoother than when it arrived. When it arrived at the Minjiang River Pier, it was on the land, and it was a feeling of returning to the mortal world.

The far island is like a fairyland, extraordinary and unconventional.

銆€銆€After a journey is over, the new journey begins again, travels, and life.

Seventy, eighty Mo Zhen can!


“Seventy, eighty” Mo Zhen can!

“Seventy, eighty” Mo Zhen can!
At that time, the physical function has been further weakened, and everything should be done with force.
銆€銆€Step by step – not worth the loss The elderly must exercise their own body, especially the “seventy, eighty” old people, should first consult the advice of medical experts, choose the fitness and exercise methods that suit them.
Like walking backwards, although it is good for the body, but compared with the harm it may cause, it is light and light, and the discerning person will be clear at a glance.
It is recommended that older people do not choose to take this fitness method backwards to avoid unexpected accidents.
銆€銆€浜よ皧鑸炩€曗€曟綔浼忓嵄鏈恒€€銆€鍓嶅嚑澶╂垜鍒板叕鍥殑闇插ぉ鑸炲満璺宠垶锛岀湅鍒拌垶鍦虹殑鑰佹澘姝e涓€浣嶄竷鍗佸宀佺殑鑰佽垶鍙嬩笅鈥滈€愬浠も€濓細鈥滆鎮ㄤ粖鍚庝笉瑕佹潵鑸炲満璺宠垶浜嗭紝浠ュ厤An accident occurred and caused a dispute.
“The old dancer said: “I am responsible for the problem, I will not depend on you.
“However the old dancers promised, the dance floor boss would not let the old man enter the dance floor.”
One inquired, a few days ago, a 60-year-old dancer suddenly fell to the ground while jumping “Fast Three”!
The family claimed to the owner of the dance hall. The boss was bitten by a snake and was afraid of the rope for ten years.
Therefore, it is hard to stipulate that the elderly over the age of 60 refused to enter.
銆€銆€Although the rules of the dance floor owner are suspected of having a “overlord clause,” it is not unreasonable.
You think: If you are in the dance hall, you will jump and not jump. If you are a daredevil, give you a veteran. Do you have “70, 80”?
Therefore, the activities of senior citizens should be as good as individual and less involved in group activities to avoid bruises and bruises.
銆€銆€Work hard – do what you can. Hu Dabo has been in the 70s this year, and his body is quite tough. He has a monthly pension of more than 2,000 yuan. He also picks up water every day – just to pass the time.
The neighbors praised him for his good health and the dishes were well planted.
So Hu Dabo is more energetic, and the enthusiasm for growing vegetables is higher.
In August last year, the locals encountered a drought that had not happened for decades. It was anxious that Hu Dabo not only took the lead in picking water, but also mobilized his son and son-in-law to fight drought and preserve food!
Everyone persuaded him: “If you don’t eat, don’t bud, and toss these things,” he said, “I don’t give up.”
In the end, the dish was kept, and Hu Dabo was flashed by the water, and he could not get out of bed for a while.
銆€銆€The “seventy, eighty” old people do not do their best to do their best. To do it, they can only do what they can, and the labor intensity should be reduced year by year with the increase of age.
銆€銆€Get up early – Bai Mi Yi Shu Older people generally sleep early and get up early.
It’s early, others are still dreaming, how do you spend this time?
Retired cadre Lao Deng will kill time: get up at 6 in the morning, start at home at 6:30, go around a big circle of about 3 kilometers, and go to the vegetable market at 8 o’clock, just buy food, and the wind and rain are unimpeded.
In order to prevent accidents, Lao Deng will carefully understand the weather forecast for the local tomorrow, and if there are any bad weather such as freezing or raining, he will prepare for anti-skid and rain in advance.
This sway is more than a decade later. Old Deng is in his early 70s. The family asked him to change the habit of taking a walk early. Lao Deng was still doing his own thing because he had “no problem for more than a decade.”
At the beginning of January 2008, local meteorological stations had false positives.
There was no forecast that there would be ice on the next morning, so Lao Deng did not have anti-slip equipment and was not mentally prepared. When he went down the stairs, he slipped to the ground and broke the thigh bone. The doctor said that there was no half a year.Time is not going to bed!
銆€銆€Taking an early walk is definitely good for most people’s bodies, but it is a different matter for the elderly: weather, law and order, physical condition, etc. may cause accidents and diseases during the walk.
Therefore, it is recommended that elderly people who get up early should take indoor activities as well. For example, practicing calligraphy and playing Tai Chi, are healthy and safe ways to kill time. Family members are around, and in case of sudden illness, someone will find it in time; evenIf you want to take a walk, you have to wait until after eight o’clock.
This proposal has nothing to do but the old people may wish to give it a try.

Six plans for the summer sports must know


Six plans for the summer sports must know

I believe that everyone’s circle of friends has a fitness tens of thousands of steps per day. Looking at the data that is growing every day, is your heart still so calm?

Xiao Bian is indeed “scared”.

We know that exercise is not a one-off event, you need to continue to 365 days without interruption.

Therefore, summer sports still need to pay attention, the following six major concerns should be taboo.

銆€銆€First, avoid the summer sports in the hot sun, people are prone to heatstroke, when the body temperature suddenly rises sharply, and can not be cooled by sweating, headache, dizziness, uncertainty, etc. without accompanying, if the humidity is higher, it is easierHeat stroke has occurred.

Therefore, in the summer exercise must start from a low amount of exercise, starting from a short time, let the body slowly adapt to the hot weather, avoid continuous movement in the hot sun, and timely add water.

銆€銆€Second, avoid heavy drinking of cold drinks. Because of the muscle movement in the body, it will cause redistribution of blood in the body, causing a large amount of blood in the body to flow to the moving muscles and body surface, while the digestive organs are in a relative anemia state.

Because the temperature of the frozen drink is too low, if it is drunk in a large amount at this time, the appetite that is already in a temporary anemia state and the gastric acid concentration is insufficient is excessively strong, and it is easy to damage its physiological function.

If you drink a lot of cold drinks after physical exercise in the summer, the lighter will increase the loss of appetite, and the severe one will gradually lead to acute gastritis, and will cause the root cause of chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer and other diseases.

銆€銆€Third, avoid exercising under strong sunlight. If you exercise regularly in strong sunlight, it will have a bad influence on the body.

Because there is an infrared light in the sun, this kind of light is especially strong in the summer sun. It radiates into the meninges and brain cells through the hair, skin and skull. It is easy to cause complications in the brain and can cause heatstroke.symptom.
Therefore, physical exercise in the summer, it is best to arrange in the morning and after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and the exercise time should not be too long, the amount of exercise should not be too large.

銆€銆€Fourth, pay attention to skin care summer high temperature climate and hot sun have great damage to the skin, you should always clean the skin, use less soap and bath to wash your face to reduce the bad stimulation of the skin, you should also properly add sunscreen skin care products, reduce sun exposureThe adverse effects of the sun, of course, must be prevented from avoiding sports or other activities in the hot sun.

銆€銆€Fifth, choose the right exercise in the summer. Influenced by the scorching sun, many sports are not suitable. Sports enthusiasts can change the time to climb the stairs instead of climbing, take a walk in the morning and evening instead of running, and replace the kick with indoor activities.Football, and so on.

The best summer exercise is swimming, while cooling and cooling, but it is not suitable to swim immediately after sweating. Before and after swimming, you should pay attention to prevent red eye, otitis media, sinusitis, various dermatitis, etc.Swimming in an unsafe place.

銆€銆€Sixth, avoid washing the bathtub immediately after exercise. Because of the hot climate, the sweat is often sweating during the physical exercise. Some people go to the cold shower every time they exercise.

In fact, doing so is harmful to your health.

Because of physical exercise, the metabolism of the whole body is very strong, the body is greatly increased, and the capillaries in the skin are also greatly expanded to facilitate the emission of body heat.

If you take a cold shower immediately after physical exercise, the skin is suddenly stimulated by the cold, causing the capillary to contract suddenly, which is not conducive to the body heat. Although it will feel cool at the moment of taking a cool shower, it will cause people to feel hot afterwards.Resistant.

At the same time, suddenly encountered the cold stimulation may suddenly open the sweat hole on the body surface, it is easy to make people sick.

Eating potatoes and pork belly can quickly gain weight


Eating potatoes and pork belly can quickly gain weight

I, a 45 kg, I decided to gain weight!

From small to large, I dreamed of growing to a hundred pounds. However, I have been using it for more than 20 years. I have not found a way to improve my fattening. I have not realized my dream. I feel very sorry.

銆€銆€So I decided to gain weight. Don’t everyone see me. I said that I am very thin. I walked like a wind and fluttered.

The reaction at the time was: Oh, mygod, am I really so thin?

銆€銆€Now think about how you really want to gain weight. A college student is not as heavy as a junior high school student, and he is still a man!

Haha. I hope God can bless me to get fat, increase fat and increase fat, and don’t leave a little room.

Really want to get fat!

Fat, fat, fat. fat, I want to get fat. Come on!

I believe that I can definitely get fat.

銆€銆€I heard that eating potatoes and pork belly can quickly increase fat.

It seems that I have to eat it ten kilograms a day, eight pounds, even if I can’t eat, I have to eat, I don’t believe that fat can’t get up, haha. You want to fat, want to gain weight?

Just think about it and let me gain weight!

Let’s realize our dream of fattening together!

Come on, Li Yuzong, you must be fat.

Double-section consumption tips: net red moon cake anti-flicker out of the election to travel agency


Double-section consumption tips: net red moon cake anti-flicker out of the election to travel agency

Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day is coming, and at the peak of holiday consumption, in order to reduce consumer disputes and advocate the concept of quality, consumption of civilization, science, green and environmental protection, the China Consumers Association, in conjunction with recent market consumption hotspots and holiday consumption characteristics, was released in 2018.Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day consumption tips.

The festive food is selling hot red moon cake anti-flicking along with the transition of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in the major shopping sites and friends circle, the “net red moon cake” with the “health”, “manual” and “health” and other signs began to popular.

However, the survey found that most of these concept moon cakes promoted the quality of Shantou over internal quality, and there were problems such as false publicity behind the glare.

Zhongxiao Association reminds consumers that when purchasing moon cakes, we must first choose a business that has the qualifications for food production and operation, high brand credibility, and stable product quality. After purchasing the products, we must keep relevant shopping vouchers, return and exchange rights and rights.

In fact, when buying moon cakes, it is necessary to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity.

For example, the 鈥渁balone mooncake鈥?declared by the merchant may be just 鈥渁balone flavor鈥?rather than 鈥渁balone meat鈥? the so-called 鈥減rivate kitchen mooncake鈥?may be that the producer does not meet the corresponding food production and circulation qualifications at all, and it is actually 鈥渢hree no products鈥?”, there are food safety hazards.

Travel accommodation has an online reservation to confirm the holiday travel, it is necessary to book the hotel.

Many consumers have become accustomed to online appointments, but while enjoying convenience, there are also disputes.

For example, when you booked your room, you found that there was no reservation, or the room was booked in another city.

The National Day holiday is a tourist season. Once you have booked a wrong home, you may face a shackle of nowhere to stay. It will affect your holiday mood and delay the wrong follow-up travel plan.

China Consumers Association reminds consumers that after online booking, it is best to confirm with the hotel phone directly, and then confirm the error and then travel with confidence.

At the same time, it is recommended that consumers should pay attention to the decoration of the hotel when booking a hotel, and try to avoid choosing to stay in a newly renovated hotel, in case the decoration is too heavy and the actual uninhabitable.

Traveling to the travel agency to reject low-cost anti-traps with “low price” and “rebate” and other names to attract consumers, especially elderly consumers, travel products have repeatedly banned.

Most of the low-cost tour groups are profitable by inducing consumers to shop, shrinking their journeys, lowering the standard of accommodation and even increasing the price in the middle. Consumers may eventually fall into the traps designed by the merchants.

In addition, some unscrupulous merchants attract consumers to invest once by launching travel prepaid cards and other forms, promising follow-up benefits.

These promotional products seem to be very attractive, but there have been many cases of business volume running, and consumers have no complaints.

Therefore, China Consumers Association reminds consumers to recognize the distance from travel agency products and not to be cheap.

Careful prepaid cards to avoid small losses in the Mid-Autumn Festival, during the National Day holiday, pre-estimated consumption such as prepaid cards will enter a peak.

For such consumption, the China Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points: pay attention to prepaid cards, stored value cards.

Consumers need to confirm whether they really need such services for a long time, and don’t want to rush to a high discount or trust the merchant’s sales commitment.

It is very difficult to recover losses in current prepaid consumer disputes, so consumers should be cautious in adopting prepaid methods for consumption, and try not to prepay cards.

Reduce prepayments and shorten the life cycle.

If it is really necessary to carry out prepaid cards, in order to reduce the risk of enterprises running and transferring risks, consumers should try to reduce the amount of prepayments, shorten the period of use, and consume as soon as possible.

Consider the business situation.

Before you start the card, you should understand the qualifications of the company and the word-of-mouth situation, and choose a large-scale enterprise with long-term existence, high brand awareness and good reputation.

For franchisees, due to different franchise models, the legal relationship between franchisees and headquarters is different, and their respective responsibilities and attitudes for legal responsibilities are different. Consumers need to consider them comprehensively.

Try to advance the written agreement.

When consumers make prepaid consumption, they should use written agreements or recording records to distinguish the applicable scope, duration, function and card withdrawal conditions of prepaid consumer cards. Remember not to trust the salesperson’s verbal commitment.

People’s Daily (06 edition, September 23, 2018)

Four healthy tea drinks that effectively lower blood fat


Four healthy tea drinks that effectively lower blood fat

Hyperlipidemia is called the 鈥渋nvisible killer鈥?of modern society, and hyperlipidemia is a kind of blood lipid concentration caused by excessive absorption or excessive excretion of plasma substances in food.resulting in.

In addition to drug treatment, diet and lifestyle may also affect the condition of patients with hyperlipidemia. Lowering blood lipids can effectively prevent the occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and hypertension.

銆€銆€Some teas have the effect of lowering fat, but some lipid-lowering teas can be homemade, and the lipid-lowering effect is better.

Below, I will teach you to make your own health-reducing blood fat tea.

銆€銆€Orange peel tea: Chinese medicine believes that orange peel is spicy, bitter, and warm.

It has the effect of regulating qi, dampness and phlegm.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that orange peel contains orange peel compounds, which have the effect of lowering blood fat, and is suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia who are obese and fat.

銆€銆€You can use the right amount of orange peel, boiled in boiling water, and after suffocating for 10 minutes, drink on behalf of the tea.

You can also use 10 grams of orange peel, 20 grams of hawthorn, into the casserole, add some water, boil for 20 minutes, go to the slag to take juice, brew tea and drink frequently.

銆€銆€Hawthorn tea: Hawthorn is a good food for lowering blood fat. Hawthorn contains tri-chains and flavonoids, which can reduce serum lipids, vitamin C of hawthorn, and has the effect of reducing weight and lowering fat.

Therefore, hawthorn is a good product for patients with hyperlipidemia.

It has a better effect on inhibiting serum hypertension and triglyceride.

銆€銆€Take 30 grams of fresh hawthorn, 5 grams of oyster flowers, 15 grams of tender lotus leaves, 10 grams of Cassia.

Put the above items into the pot and cook them. When they are rotten, crush them with a large spoon and cook for another 10 minutes. Take the juice as a tea, one dose a day, and even serve for three months.

銆€銆€Chrysanthemum tea: Chrysanthemum is the flower head of the compositae.

Slightly cold, sweet, bitter, with clear liver and eyesight, anti-inflammatory and detoxification, anti-thrombotic, antipyretic and sedative, increase coronary blood flow, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids.

銆€銆€Long-term suffering, has a good effect on hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

Take 10 grams of chrysanthemum, brew with boiling water, and cover it for a while.

銆€銆€Cassia: A mature seed for nectar of legumes.

Slightly cold, sweet, bitter, salty, with clear liver and eyesight, phlegm and pain, laxative, reduce blood lipids.

Go to the cassia 10 grams, boil water, and then wait a moment before you cover it.

Liushen Pill for the treatment of ENT diseases


Liushen Pill for the treatment of ENT diseases

The treatment of toothache Liushen Pill is effective for the treatment of pulpitis, toothache caused by dental caries and infection.

Method: Take 1 or 2 capsules of Liushen Pills, dissolve them and apply them on the surface of the gums of the painful teeth once a day, usually no more than 3 days.

銆€銆€To treat periodontal disease, first remove the calculus, rinse the periodontal bag with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and then take Liushen Pill 1?
10 capsules were packed in periodontal pockets, 1 or 2 times a day.

After 5 times of general medication, the pain is reduced, the swelling is reduced, the periodontal pocket becomes shallow or disappears, and the loosening of the teeth is obviously improved.

銆€銆€The treatment of deciduous pulp inactivated deciduous teeth is often treated with arsenious acid, but it has poor safety, large reaction and many complications.

The treatment of deciduous pulp inactivation with Liushen Pill instead of nitrite is very effective.

Method: First remove the humus in the cavity, rinse dry, take 2 tablets of Liushen Pill into the exposed pulp, temporarily seal with gutta-percha or clove oil zinc oxide paste, and remove the coronary artery for dry pulp after 5 days without pain.
銆€銆€Prevention of dry trough disease First, the Liushen Pill is ground into a fine powder and placed in a clean glass bottle for use.

In use, the Liushen pill is inserted into the alveolar socket of the extraction tooth to prevent dry socket.

180 patients were observed and all received satisfactory results.

銆€銆€Treatment of submandibular gland inflammation with Liushen Pill in the treatment of 87 patients with submandibular gland inflammation, the effect is significant.

Method: Take Liushen Pill orally, 3 times a day, 10 capsules each time.

3 days is a course of treatment.

General medication 1-2 courses can be cured.

銆€銆€Treatment of stomatitis first with berberine, licorice, and other portions of decoction on behalf of the tea mouth, take Liushen pill size of 30-60 tablets (depending on the size of the ulcer surface) research into very fine, externally blow ulcer wounds, 2 times a day, generally5-6 ulcers can converge.

For thrush, first use the scorpion leaves to soak the juice for half a day.
Use a hand wrapped gauze to wipe off the white film in the mouth, and then use Liushen Pill (as above).

It can be cured by taking 3-4 times of medication.

銆€銆€Treatment of otitis media with Liushen Pill 3 tubes (90 capsules), boring 6 grams, 3 grams of borneol, a total of research into a very fine, filled with a clean bottle sealed for use.

When using, first use a cotton swab to dry the affected ear pus, then blow the end of the drug into the ear with a straw, once a day.

One patient recovered after 5 doses and did not repeat for about 2 years.

What do women eat fruit beauty beauty six fruit recommended you


What do women eat fruit beauty beauty six fruit recommended you

Cherry has been a beauty fruit since ancient times.

Cherry juice can help the facial skin to be white and rosy, wrinkle and clear spots, is the favorite of too many whitening products.

Except for vitamin C, cherries are extremely rich in iron, 13 times that of hawthorn and 20 times that of apples.

In addition to high iron content, it also contains balanced cortex secretion, delaying aging vitamin A, helping to activate cells and beautify the skin.

Pomegranate’s delicate red pomegranate has been proven to have a strong antioxidant effect.

It contains a component called medicinal acid, which can protect cells from environmental pollution, UV rays, nourish cells, and slow down the body’s aging.

Studies have shown that sulphuric acid is more “anti-radiative” than polyphenols contained in red wine and green tea.

Grapes contain a large amount of grape polyphenols, have antioxidant function, can eliminate free gene proliferation, and effectively delay aging; it also contains tannic acid, citric acid, has a strong convergence effect and soft moisturizing effect.

In addition, grape pulp contains vitamin B3 and rich minerals, which can deeply moisturize, anti-aging and promote skin cell regeneration.

Lemon lemon contains vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2.

Vitamin C and other nutrients

In addition, it is also rich in organic acids and citric acid, which has a strong anti-oxidation effect and is very effective in promoting skin metabolism, delaying aging and inhibiting pigmentation.

Apricot not only has a bright appearance, but also contains sugar, fruit acid, substitute fiber, flavonoids, vitamin C and iron, phosphorus, zinc and other mineral elements. Vitamin B17 is especially rich.

Almonds also contain protein, traces, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Rich in minerals and vegetable unsaturated oils, it has a good soft nourishing effect.

Olives As early as in ancient Greece, olive trees were a symbol of life and health. In addition to being used as a healthy food, they have outstanding cosmetic effects.

From the leaves to the fruit, the olive tree can extract the skin care essence.

Olive leaf extract helps skin cells fight pollution, UV and pressure-induced oxidation, while olive fruit contains another potent antioxidant ingredient, the phenolic compound, which, when combined with oleuropein, provides dual antioxidant protection.

Chinese medicine prescription treatment of premature ejaculation

Statistics show that its incidence accounts for 35% of adult males?

Ninety percent of patients with ejaculation disorders.

Mutual influence on the fun of couples’ sexual life and affect the relationship between husband and wife.

Most are extremely serious with the spirit, emotions, and psychology.

Excessive excitement, nervousness, anxiety, depression, fear, etc. can cause premature ejaculation.

Therefore, confidence should be established and it is believed that premature ejaculation can be cured.

Now introduce the external treatment method to treat the disease to be effective, for replacement.

  Fumigation and washing method take 20 grams of gallnut, fry for about 30 minutes with simmer, then add appropriate amount of warm water, heat and smoke the penis glans for a few minutes.

Wait for the water temperature to drop to 30?
At about 40 °C, soak the glans in the liquid solution about 5?
10 minutes.

1 time per night, 15?
20 days is a course of treatment.

General 1?
After 2 courses of treatment, the glans skin mucosa becomes thicker, which is the purpose of treatment.

The party has the effect of converging and stopping leakage.

  External application of Asarum 50 grams, 50 grams of cloves, 50 grams of hippocampus, 30 grams of Cnidium, 30 grams of Epimedium, 75% alcohol 500 ml.

Soak the above traditional Chinese medicine into alcohol for 30 days, filter it into a bottle with a nozzle, and wipe or spray 1 to the glans before each accident.
2 times, after 2?
3 minutes to get into the house.

Asarum, the volatile oil contained in the cloves has a surface anesthetic effect; the extracts of hippocampus, Cnidium, and Epimedium have an androgenic-like effect.

The whole side has the effect of replenishing the kidney and strengthening the yang, and solidifying the essence.

This side is generally effective once, and can be cured with 5 times.

  Apply umbilical dew hive, 10 grams of white peony, a total of research fine, vinegar into a thin paste, before going to sleep on the navel (Shenzhen acupoint), covered with gauze, fixed with tape, daily or next day application 1Times, 3 consecutive times?
5 times, general medication 5?
7 days can be more.

The side has the effect of tonifying the kidney and solidifying, and condensing and stopping the effusion.