[How to make Pondomi Toast]_ Common practice of Pondomi Toast _ Practice of Pondomi Toast _ How to make Pondomi Toast

[How to make Pondomi Toast]_ Common practice of Pondomi Toast _ Practice of Pondomi Toast _ How to make Pondomi Toast

One’s life goes to school.

Work and get married and have children, and for most people, now the second step, the next step is the third step.

If you first arrived at the other person’s house, if you can cook a delicious meal at this time, will the impression score increase a lot?

This may solve your life-long event.

Below, I will help you to teach you how to make a good Pandomi toast.


Mix all ingredients except fat and lard. Be careful not to mix yeast with sugar and salt. Keep them in different places.


1Select the “Noodle” program and cover the package. The time for my breadmaker to make a noodle program is 15


2 Then press the “Menu” key.


1 Add the remaining 1/3 of water according to the water absorption of the dough.

This is a kneading process. It will look like 15 minutes later.


2 Knead for one minute, mix the dry ingredients evenly, pour into the milk, and add 2/3 first.


1 The surface of the bread has begun to be smooth.


2 Remove, the dough surface is not smooth, continue a kneading process for 15 minutes.


1 Add butter and lard and continue with the third noodle procedure.


2 has a certain ductility.


1 Check the film out of the dough at any time until it reaches the complete stage.


2After the third procedure, I switched to manual.

Many novices rely on the machine when making bread. In fact, after 45 minutes of kneading, the bread machine may come out at any time, but it is difficult for us to grasp the state with the machine, so it is better to grasp it at this time.
I want to wash clothes, knead the dough like a stack of clothes, and add the action of falling the face, as shown in the figure. With the arms as the center, throw the dough out. Because the dough is strong, it will be stretched.With the kneading action in the middle, it is generally enough to drop 100 times, and sometimes it may be 150-200, depending on the specific situation at the time.


Shaping and performing the first fermentation.

About 1.


5 times as big.


Remove the fermented dough and press flat.

Divide the dough into three equal parts, take one of them, hold it in a cup shape, overcome the dough, and knead it clockwise into smooth small dough.

After the dough is shaped, relax for 10 minutes.

Reshape and add the toast box, continue the second fermentation and then bake. The temperature of the oven is set at 180 degrees.

Regarding the problem of toast plastic surgery, I have talked about it before, this time I will not repeat it, or I will talk about the plastic surgery problem later!

Anyway, I’m lazy this time!

We all understand that it takes a lot of effort and time to do a good job.

Of course, this is also the case, but you must pay for it. When you make a good dish by yourself, you will be stunned. We will now make a Pondomi toast according to the introduction above.