[Is sexual life good for the body]

[Is sexual life good for the body]

When it comes to sex life, I believe most people actually know it. Even many young students now know something about sex life, but generally they know very little about sex life.

And the average adult will know more about sex.

But in most people’s minds, there is always such a question: Is sex life good for your body?

Sex life is necessary and important for couples. The harmony of sex life is the guarantee of family relationships.

In real life, we often find that many parents quarrel because of inexplicable things, which are usually caused by uncoordinated sex.

So, let ‘s talk about whether sex is good for the body.

1. Exercise Ford Medical School’s study believes that sex life is equivalent to jogging.

For example, if you have sex three times a week, it is equivalent to jogging 75 kilometers in one year, and the heat energy burned is 7,500 calories.

Regular sexual life can promote metabolism. Some people say that sex is bed exercise. In sexual life, because of inadvertently deepening breathing, it increases the amount of oxygen obtained in cells and promotes the functions of various organs and tissues in the body.

There seems to be some basis for this.

2. Increasing hormone secretion Every day, men secrete a hormone called deoxyandrostenone, and men also need to supplement this type of androgens frequently, because only in this way can they maintain male characteristics.

During sex, especially before orgasm and ejaculation, the hormone naturally released in the body is 3-5 times higher than usual. Therefore, in the West, many men do not need to take drugs to supplement the hormone. Instead, they hope that the body can naturally release such a masculinityOf hormones.

For women, estrogen enables women to maintain good blood circulation, and women with regular sexual life have higher blood sugar levels than women who occasionally have sex.

3. Regular ejaculation to protect the mature males of the prostate can help clear the prostate fluid accumulated in the prostate.

For each ejaculation, 1/5 is sperm and 4/5 is semen, which includes a large amount of prostate fluid. If there is no ejaculation for a long time, old prostate fluid will accumulate in the prostate.

However, it should be noted that sexual life cannot be overdone, because continuous sexual life puts the penis in a chronic congestive state, leading to enlarged or swollen prostates and prone to chronic prostatitis.

In summary, we will find that sexual life has many benefits to our body, and the common ones are: exercise, enhance physical fitness; increase hormone secretion; protect the prostate, and so on.

Therefore, it is necessary for our husband and wife to negotiate well in terms of sexual life, and try to reach agreement, which will be beneficial to both parties’ bodies.