2015 Women’s Football World Cup America 16 minutes 4-0 Kobe Bryant tweets (gif)_1

2015 Women’s World Cup USA 16 minutes 4-0 Kobe Bryant tweeted (gif)
At 7 o’clock on July 6, Beijing time, the 2015 Women’s World Cup finals started in Vancouver, Canada. The U.S. women’s football team played against the Japanese women’s football team. The result was only 16 minutes. The U.S. women’s football team blasted 4 goals and 4-0 beat the defending champion Japanese women’s football team.Lloyd celebrated the opening goal only 3 minutes, the United States team took a corner kick, the captain Loyd rushed to break the deadlock, the United States team took a 1-0 lead.  In the 5th minute, Holliday sent a free kick to the ground with a free kick. Heath hit a heel before the ball. The ball went into the middle of the road and Lloyd shot the ball into the ball. The American team took a 2-0 lead.  In the 14th minute, Heath sent a long pass. Japanese defender Kumiya Sahi headered the top of the top. Holliday scored a wonderful volley and scored the ball. The US team rewritten the score to 3-0.  In the 16th minute, Lloyd made a hat-trick with a kick against the sky. The ball had just passed the midfield. Lloyd directly kicked the goal. Although the Japanese goalkeeper Hiroya Yumi touched the ball, he could not stop it.The ball entered the net and the US team led the Japanese women 4-0.Kobe’s 4-0 fantasy start for the U.S. women’s football team almost killed the suspense in this World Cup final. NBA superstar Kobe also sent three tweets to correct the performance of the women’s football team. The current US Vice President Biden also praised the women’s great start.Captain America Lloyd also became the first player to complete a hat-trick in the history of the Women’s World Cup finals, and the third player to complete a hat-trick in the World Cup.(Marta)