The details of life that will help you live longer


The details of life that will help you live longer

The details of life and the length of life are closely related. You can expect to live 85 years if you do the following.

銆€銆€Avoid carcinogens.

Do at least two things: one is to quit smoking, and the other is to apply sunscreen.

Take the sun straight for more than 15 minutes every day, go out and apply sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.

銆€銆€Change the diet mode.

Good eating patterns include: drinking plenty of water; avoiding overeating, drugs or drugs, alcohol, caffeine, etc.; restricting transfer, eating seven full meals; eating deep sea fish with omega-3 fatty acids.

銆€銆€Kneeling defecation.

Kneeling is the most natural defecation posture, and it is easier to exert force on the abdomen than sitting posture, which will reduce the incidence of intestinal cancer and acne.

銆€銆€Absorbs antioxidants.

Supplementary way to add one: 5 cups of green tea a day; 1 piece of dark chocolate per day; 1 cup of red wine per day, eat red grapes have the same effect; ensure 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables daily.

銆€銆€reduce pressure.

Master 8 kinds of decompression tips: have friends or family life partners; feel deep breathing when feeling stressed; take the ground to eliminate fear; keep “I have at least half a glass of water” optimism; participate in volunteers and charity activities;Chang Kai Zengshou 7 years; laughing and embracing life for 7 years; life has goals.

銆€銆€Be prepared for danger.

First, prevent accidents.

Be sure to look around before crossing the road; second, avoid any activities that are at risk of potential casualties; third, participate in annual medical examinations, and get early treatment.

銆€銆€Regular exercise.

It is recommended to exercise for 30 minutes a day. The simplest exercise is walking. Walking 3 kilometers a day, the risk of death is halved.

銆€銆€Live and learn.

There is a close relationship between good education and longevity.

To live longer, in addition to regular exercise, healthy eating and no smoking, you should continue to read books and learn new knowledge.

銆€銆€Develop a sleep schedule.

Going to bed and getting up time is not as important as keeping a certain amount of sleep.

Fixed sleep habits help the body to relax and repair itself.

銆€銆€Common brain.

Always use your brain to help make better choices and longevity.

Regular use of the brain also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.